Top Ten Sequels on My Winter Horizon!

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I know I’ve altered the topic this week a little bit (heck, I can even remember what it was originally supposed to be), but I did so with good reason – there’s another list coming up in a couple of weeks that would’ve been practically identical to this one had I not changed things up a bit. Anyway, I decided to only include second books in a series. I don’t know about you, but I rarely read books in series back to back, so I have dozens of book twos I’ve been needing to get around to – some of which I’m confident are going to be amazing!

Top Ten Sequels on My Winter Horizon!

 There’s a couple of sequels here that I’ve been sitting on for several years… I loved the first books to all of them, so I’m not really sure what my problem is. Perhaps the issue is that I was much further along in too many other series to focus on these. I do tends to want to read ALL THE BOOKS, which creates a delightful mess of reading ADD. I think I am most excited to read The Dagger’s Path coming out January 13th (my birthday!), but it looks like I have plenty of excellent sequels to keep me occupied until then. :-) 

 What sequels have you been meaning to read?

by Niki Hawkes

7 comments on “Top Ten Sequels on My Winter Horizon!

  1. WOLFSBANE has been sitting on my bedside table for an embarrassingly long time! I do love to read series back to back but almost never get a chance to, and do have a ton that I’ve been sitting on as well now. Great list!


  2. I loved the Pit Dragon Chronicles! Which feels weird saying, because I had completely forgot about that series! And Dragonsinger is one of my favourite McCaffrey novels, right up there with the first Dragon rider book :)


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