Tackling the TBR [27]: October 2017

tackling the TBR

It’s once again time for my favorite feature: Tackling the TBR! There’s nothing I love more than picking out which books to read next, and this slightly organized method of reading has really amped my enjoyment to the next level. Bring on the mantras!

Read the best books first.
Life is too short to read books you’re not enjoying.

However you put together your TBR for the next month, the goal is to reduce the amount of obligation in reading and increase the fun.

Here’s a look at how the system works:

1. Identify the titles that take top priority in your TBR.
2. Combine them all in your own Tackling the TBR post.
3. Throughout the month pick from that pile as the mood strikes you.

Here’s what mine looks like:

October 2017 TBR Tackler Shelf:

Last month I finished most of the titles on my TBR Shelf (yay). Every book listed this month, with two exceptions, is helping me make progress on my Incomplete Series List. I’m making a concerted effort to get below 20 open series by July 2018, and I’m off to a great start (down from 129 at the beginning of the year… I DNFed a bunch). I have a whole bunch of new series lined up for 2018, so I’m hoping to have many of these squared away before then. There’s a fine balance between completing lots of series for the challenge, but still keeping in mind reading the best books first. Sometimes the two don’t get along. :P

Tackler Carry-Overs

I decided I’m only allowed 5 carry-overs. If I don’t get to it in 2 months, it’s probably not as high-priority as I thought, lol. I know you are all probably sick of seeing Demon Spirit on my list. So am I…

Niki’s Incomplete Series Challenge [Via Fantasy Buddy Reads]

September 2017 Titles Tackled:

Niki’s September 2017 Progress Update:

Series Finished: 1
Magician’s End Raymond E. Feist

 Series Brought UTD: 4
Nyxia – Scott Reintgen
A Dragon of a Different Color – Rachel Aaron
Apex – Mercedes Lackey

Series Progressed: 8
Heart’s Blood – Jane Yolen
A Sending of Dragons – Jane Yolen
Gods of Risk – James S.A. Corey
Magic Steals – Ilona Andrews
A Crown Imperiled – Raymond E. Feist
Yendi – Steven Brust
The Vital Abyss – James S.A. Corey
Zoe’s Tale – John Scalzi

New Series Started: 2
Nyxia – Scott Reintgen
The Shadow of What Was Lost – James Islington

Abandoned: 0
Dragon’s Blood [3/4] – Jane Yolen

YTD Totals:
Finished Series: 9
Up To Date Series: 19
Series Progressed: 40
New Series Started: 18
Abandoned: 5

Here’s my full Incomplete Series list, in case anyone is curious.

What books are you Tackling this month? Even if you don’t specifically use my system, feel free to share your versions of how you manage your TBR pile (and the links to your posts if applicable) in the comments. :)

by Niki Hawkes

10 comments on “Tackling the TBR [27]: October 2017

  1. I used to tackle my TBR based on deadlines – homework, work, self-care. This was great, in terms of time management, but it also boxed me in at times. Now I try to pick one book from my top 3-4 genres of the month. This way, I’ll get to have a variety of readings that month. And I try to switch or change up the genres from time to time.


    • I had to schedule books based on other deadlines when I was in college and I definitely don’t miss those days. It also made me feel really boxed in. I like your system – it means you get to still read with your mood, but with a little structure. I try not to read the same genre back to back and so far it’s helped keep me away from burnout. Thanks for sharing your system! :-)


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