Adventures Beyond the Book Blog – The Arch and Sandstone Mountain

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I know, it’s really hard to believe that I have a life outside of reading, but even I have been known to go out and smell the desert wildflowers once in a while. The cool thing about my adventures is that I always find something I can use in the novel I’m writing (see, you knew there had to be books involved somehow). For example, a couple of weeks ago in the few friends and I hiked a trail near where I grew up (one that I had no idea existed even though I only lived a couple of miles from it for five years, but that’s another story). Those of you who have ever been to Southwest Utah know how absolutely gorgeous the landscape is around here. Beautiful red rocks that take on countless formations and provide an endless stream of inspiration for my stories… It really is quite cool.

 There were two separate hikes in this area that we went on, one called Arch, the other called Sandstone Mountain… Both were gorgeous in their own way, and both made me feel like my legs were going to fall off. Seriously – it was a lot of uphill trekking through sand and I missed a good deal of the end of the hike because I was so focused on where I was putting my feet.

Anyway, because I found it to be such an awesome setting for a specific scene within my novel, I figured I would share the beauty for anybody else in need of inspiration… Please enjoy. :-)



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 Sandstone Mountain


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I debated for a long time whether or not compose this post. On one hand, I love that when I scroll down my posts it’s books! books! books! But on the other, I realize that it’s not as personal as it could be. The response I get from this post will probably strongly influence whether or not I do more of the same variety. As I am now a part of a local hiking group, I know I’m going to have more opportunities this summer than ever before.

I hope you enjoyed this small adventure. :-)

by Niki Hawkes