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Aaron, Rachel – The Legend of Eli Monpress

Aaron, Rachel – The Spirit War

Aaron, Rachel – Spirit’s End

 Abraham, Daniel – The Dragon’s Path

Abraham, Daniel – A Shadow in Summer

Bertin, JoAnne – The Last Dragonlord

Brennan, Marie – Tropic of Serpents

Briggs, Patricia – Masques

Brust, Steven – Jhereg

 Bujold, Lois McMaster – Beguilement

Campbell, John – The Dragons of Dorcastle

 Carey, Jacqueline – Kushiel’s Scion

Carey Jacqueline – Kushiel’s Justice

Cook, Dawn – First Truth

Deas, Stephen – The Adamantine Palace

Downum, Amanda – The Drowning City

Eddings, David – Guardians of the West

Eddings, David – Pawn of Prophecy

Feist, Raymond E. / Wurts, Janny – Daughter of the Empire

Feist, Raymond E. – Into a Dark Realm

Feist, Raymond E. – Magician: Apprentice

  Feist, Raymond E. – Wrath of a Mad God

Goodkind, Terry – The First Confessor

Haydon, Elizabeth – The Assassin King

 Haydon, Elizabeth – Prophecy

 Haydon, Elizabeth – Rhapsody

Haydon, Elizabeth – The Weaver’s Lament

Hobb, Robin – Assassin’s Apprentice

Hobb, Robin – Blood of Dragons

 Hobb, Robin – City of Dragons

 Hobb, Robin – Dragon Haven

 Hobb, Robin – Dragon Keeper

 Hobb, Robin – Fool’s Assassin

Hobb, Robin – Fool’s Quest

 Hobb, Robin – Ship of Magic

Jordan, Robert – The Eye of the World

Knight, E.E. – Dragon Champion

  Larke, Glenda – The Lascar’s Dagger

Larke, Glenda – The Last Stormlord

Lynch, Scott – The Gentleman Bastards [1-3]

McCaffrey, Anne – Dragonsong

Norton, Andre & Lackey, Mercedes – Elvenbane

Roberson, Jennifer – Sword Dancer/Sword Singer

Rothfuss, Patrick – The Name of the Wind

Rothfuss, Patrick – The Wise Man’s Fear

Salvatore, R.A. – Homeland

Salvatore, R.A. – The Ghost King

Salvatore, R.A. – The Orc King

Salvatore, R.A. – The Pirate King

Sanderson, Brandon – Elantris

Sanderson, Brandon – Legion

Sanderson, Brandon – Warbreaker

 Sanderson, Brandon – The Way of Kings

Sanderson, Brandon – Words of Radiance

 Snyder, Maria – Poison Study

Watt-Evans, Lawrence – The Wizard Lord

Weis, Margaret / Hickman, Tracy – Dragons of Dwarven Depths

Young Adult

Abe, Shana – The Deepest Night

Abe, Shana – The Sweetest Dark

Aguirre, Ann – Enclave

 Aguirre, Ann – Horde

Aguirre, Ann – Outpost

Applegate, K.A. / Grant, Micheal – Eve & Adam

Argyle, Michelle Davidson – Bonded

Baggott, Julianna – Pure

Bardugo, Leigh – Shadow and Bone

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn – Killer Instinct

 Barnes, Jennifer Lynn – The Naturals

Blackburne, Livia – Midnight Thief

Bracken, Alexandra – The Darkest Minds

 Bracken, Alexandra – Never Fade

 Cabot, Meg – Abandon

Caine, Rachel – Feast of Fools

 Carson, Ray – Crown of Embers

 Carson, Rae – The Girl of Fire and Thorns

Carter, Aimee – Pawn

Cashore, Kristin – Bitterblue

Cashore, Kristin – Graceling

Cass, Kiera – The Crown

Cass, Kiera – The Elite

Cass, Kiera – The Heir

 Cass, Kiera – The One

Cass, Kiera – The Selection

 Cass, Kiera – The Selection Stories

Chapman, Elsie – Dualed

Charbonneau, Joelle – Graduation Day

Charbonneau, Joelle – Independent Study

Charbonneau, Joelle – The Testing

Cremer, Andrea – Nightshade

Kremer, Andrea – Wolfsbane

 Cypess, Leah – Death Sworn

DeStefano, Lauren – The Chemical Garden Trilogy

 Duncan, Alexandra – Salvage

Ee, Susan – Angelfall

Ee, Susan – Penryn and the End of Days Trilogy

 Estep, Jennifer – Crimson Frost

Estep, Jennifer – Dark Frost

Estep, Jennifer – Killer Frost [DNF]

Estep, Jennifer – Kiss of Frost

 Estep, Jennifer – Spartan Frost

Estep, Jennifer – Touch of Frost

 Ewing, Amy – The Jewel

Falls, Kat – Inhuman

Gaughen, A.C. – The Lady Thief

Gaughen, A.C. – Scarlet

 Hale, Shannon – Dangerous

Hartman, Rachel – Seraphina

Hawkins, Rachel – Hex Hall

Hawkins, Rachel – Demon Glass

Hawkins, Rachel – Miss Mayhem

 Hawkins, Rachel – Rebel Belle

 Hawkins, Rachel – School Spirits

 Hawkins, Rachel – Spell Bound

Houck, Colleen – Tiger’s Curse

Jordan, Sophie – Firelight

Jordan, Sophie – Hidden

Kang, Lydia – Control

Kauffman, Amie & Spooner, Megan – These Broken Stars

Krokos, Dan – False Memory

Krokos, Dan – False Sight

Lackey, Mercedes – Elite

Lackey, Mercedes – Hunter

LaFevers, Robin – Grave Mercy

Landers, Melissa – Alienated

Landers, Melissa – Invaded

Larsen, Sara B. – Defy

Lu, Marie – Champion

Lu, Marie – Legend

Lu, Marie – Prodigy

Maas, Sarah J. –  The Assassin’s Blade

Maas, Sarah J. – Crown of Midnight

Maas, Sarah J. – Heir of Fire

Maas, Sarah J. – Throne of Glass

Matharu, Taran – The Novice

 McGinnis, Mindy – Not a Drop to Drink

Mead, Richelle – Silver Shadows

 Mead, Richelle – The Fiery Heart

Mead, Richelle – The Golden Lily

Mead, Richelle – The Indigo Spell

Mead, Richelle – The Ruby Circle

 Meyer, Marissa – Cinder

Morgan, Kass – The Hundred

 Oliver, Lauren – Panic

Pike, Aprilynne – Wings

 Plum, Amy – After the End

Rhodes, Morgan – Falling Kingdoms

 Rossi, Veronica – Under the Never Sky

  Roth, Veronica – Allegiant

Roth, Veronica – Divergent

Roth, Veronica – Insurgent

 Rowen, Michelle – Count Down

Rutkowski, Marie – The Winner’s Crime [DNF]

Rutkowski, Marie – The Winner’s Curse

Salerni, Dianne K. – The Eigth Day

 Sanderson, Brandon – Steelheart

Schoon, Christian – Zenn Scarlett

Scott, Victoria – The Fire & Flood Series [1-2]

 Silver, Eve – Push

 Silver, Eve – Rush

Simmons, Kristen – The Glass Arrow

Taylor, Keary – The Bane

Taylor, Laini – Daughter of Smoke and Bone

 Terrill, Cristin – All Our Yesterdays

 Thompson, Kerri – Mirror X

 Tilton, Eliza – Broken Forest

 Wasserman, Robin – Crashed

 Wasserman, Robin – Skinned

Wells, Dan – Fragments

Wells, Dan – Partials

Wendig, Chuck – Under the Empyrean Sky

Westerfeld, Scott – Uglies

Wrede, Patricia C. – The Book of Enchantments

 Yancey, Rick – The 5th Wave

 Yolen, Jane – Dragon’s Blood

Zinn, Bridget – Poison

Urban Fantasy

Aguirre, Ann – Blue Diablo

 Armstrong, Kelley – Bitten

Armstrong, Kelley – Stolen

Arthur, Keri – Dancing with the Devil

Arthur, Keri – Darkness Unbound

Briggs, Patricia – Cry Wolf

Briggs, Patricia – Dead Heat

Briggs, Patricia – Fair Game

Briggs, Patricia – Frost Burned 

Briggs, Patricia – Hunting Ground

Briggs, Patricia – Shifting Shadows

Butcher, Jim – Storm Front

Butcher, Jim – Dresden Files #2-4

Butcher, Jim – Dresden Files #5-7

Butcher, Jim – Dresden Files #8-10

Caine,Rachel – Chill Factor

Carey, Jacqueline – Agent of Hel Trilogy

Estep, Jennifer – Spider’s Bite

Harrison, Kim – Black Magic Sanction

Harrison, Kim – Dead Witch Walking

Harrison, Kim – The Witch with No Name

Harrison, Kim – Ever After

 Harrison, Kim – Pale Demon

Harrison, Kim – Perfect Blood

Harrison, Kim – White Witch, Black Curse

 Hearne, Kevin – Hammered

Hearne, Kevin – Hexed

Hearne, Kevin – Hounded

Hunter, Faith – Skinwalker

Mead, Richelle – Gameboard of the Gods

 Mead, Richelle – The Immortal Crown

Mead, Richelle – Iron Crowned

Mead, Richelle – Shadow Heir

Painter, Kristen – Blood Rights

Pratt, T.A. – Blood Engine

Resnick, Laura – Disappearing Nightly

Spencer, Wen – Tinker

Science Fiction

 Aguirre, Ann – Endgame

Aguirre, Ann – Havoc

Aguirre, Ann – Perdition

Bach, Rachel – The Paradox Trilogy

Corey, James S.A. – Abaddon’s Gate

Corey, James S.A. – Caliban’s War

 Corey, James S.A. – Cibola Burn

 Corey, James S.A. – Leviathan Wakes

Czerneda, Julie E. – The Gates to Futures Past

Czerneda, Julie E. – Reap the Wild Wind

Simmons, Dan – Hyperion

Middle Grade

 Edelman, Peggy – Sky Jumpers

Jacques, Brian – Redwall

Krokos, Dan – The Planet Thieves

 Morris, Chad – The Inventor’s Secret

Mull, Brandon – The Candy Shop War

Mull, Brandon – Fablehaven

Mull, Brandon – Sky Raiders

Mull, Brandon – Wild Born


Aguirre, Ann – The 2B Trilogy

Kantra, Virginia – Sea Witch

McGuire, Jamie – Beautiful Disaster

McGuire, Jamie – Walking Disaster


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