Book Review: Dragon Champion by E.E. Knight

Title: Dragon Champion

Author: E. E. Knight

Series: Age of Fire #1

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 5/5 stars!

The Overview: Knight’s fantasy debut concerns a rare, scaleless gray dragon named Auron. Born high in a mountain cave, he witnesses the slaughter of his parents at the hands of a band of dwarves and eventually matures into the last hope for the survival of his kind. Once above ground, Auron learns quickly just how dangerous it is to be a dragon. With dwarves, elves, and humans relentlessly hunting him, Auron finds friendship in the most unlikely of places — but the young dragon’s quest to find others of his kind may not lead him to the answers he hopes to find. 

The Review:

Even though there are many other excellent dragon books out there, I have never before read one quite like this. Most authors use dragons as important companions to their main human characters, but E.E. Knight takes it one step further by allowing his readers to become a dragon.

Told from the dragon’s perspective, the story follows him from the struggles of hatching all the way to the adventures of adulthood. As if that wasn’t cool enough, this dragon, Auron, is grey-scaled, an anomaly in the dragonworld who lacks the rock-hard scales that protect others of his kind.

Because most of the main characters are dragons, it makes for an interesting dynamic, as they have all sorts of traits and motives that are quite different from a human’s. Everything from their basic regard of other species to the complex inner-workings of their societies was simply fascinating. Not only, that, but it also has a highly interesting story, an engaging plot, and a decent writing style.

Overall, with such a unique concept, this is a must-read for any dragon-lover!

Recommendations: Although “Dragon Champion” is geared towards adults, I sometimes feel comfortable recommending it to young adults who are ready to up their reading level, provided they can handle some “scary” moments.

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by Niki Hawkes

3 comments on “Book Review: Dragon Champion by E.E. Knight

    • I think you would enjoy the story and the dragons, but I know you really like relationship-building/character-driven novels. Most of the books in this series lack anything resembling a romantic connection. Perhaps when you’re in the mood for something different. :)


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