Your Pick for Nik! – January Nominations!

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite book in the feature: Your Pick for Nik!

22Thank you for all the votes I’ve received so far. “Falling Kingdoms” by Morgan Rhodes is currently in the lead, but there’s still plenty of time to make your vote count!

You have until 10:00 pm (MST) on December 29th to make your selection. I will be revealing the winning book shortly after!

If you’re new to my page, here’s how it works:

Your Pick for Nik! a book club where I turn over control of my reading list toyou!

Each month, I will nominate 5 to 10 titles from my TBR list and YOU will choose which one gets featured. It can be one you’ve already read and want to discuss, one you want to read but wish to see my feedback first, or – and this is my favorite part – you can read it along with me!

Just click on the link below to view my 10 nominees for January. Simply vote for your favorite, and let the best book win! On Saturday the 29th, I’ll announce the winner. Come the end of the month, I will post a thorough review of the chosen title – and hopefully find out what you thought of it as well!

January Nominations! 

Thoughts? Leave a Comment:

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