Niki’s Best Book Bulletin – Best of 2012!

2012 was a great year for reading! I fell in love with so many new authors and titles this year that a few have even made some of my other Top 10 bulletins. Here’s the best of the best in no particular order:

41Title: The Name of the Wind

Author: Patrick Rothfuss

Series: Kingkiller Chronicles #1

Genre: Fantasy

Here you have it, my favorite book of 2012! One of the best books I’ve ever read, it has everything I’ve come to expect in great fantasy. If you haven’t read it yet, you are sorely missing out! Read full review

42Title: Partials

Author: Dan Wells

Series: Partials #1

Genre: Teen Fantasy

Chosen for November’s Your Pick for Nik! feature, I was surprised by how much this story blew me away. All of you looking for the next best thing since Hunger Games, this is the novel for you! Read full review

43Title: Succubus Blues

Author: Richelle Mead

Series: Georgina Kincaid #1

Genre: Urban Fantasy

I’ll say it yet one more time: Mead is one of my favorite authors of all-time, and the Succubus series is the one that helped solidify that status. I love everything about this series and recommend it to fans of Patricia Briggs and Kim Harrison.

44Title: The Night Circus

Author: Erin Morgenstern

Series: N/A

Genre: Fiction

One of the most magical novels I’ve ever read, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I decided to branch out of my normal repertoire to pick this up. It is a beautiful piece of work and one that I’ve been recommending to book clubs and fantasy lovers everywhere – it’s excellent!

45Title: Mistborn

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Series: Mistborn #1

Genre: Fantasy

I can’t believe I waited so long to read this trilogy – it was amazing! Everything from the magic systems to the slew of memorable characters sent it to the top. Aside from all that, my favorite part was the ending – I’m still reeling from it months later. It’s a must-read for every fantasy buff!

46Title: Frost Burned

Author: Jennifer Estep

Series: Mythos Academy #1

Genre: Teen Paranormal Romance

A bit under the radar, this is a great new series that combines everything I loved about the House of Night series with elements of Percy Jackson mixed in for kicks. I enjoyed ever moment of it! Read full review

47Title: The Legend of Eli Monpress

Author: Rachel Aaron

Series: Eli Monpress #1-3

Genre: Fantasy

This series is incredibly witty and original, and I still remember every detail vividly even though I read this one back in January. I found it delightfully entertaining and a great read for those of you sick of  the same old stuff. Read full review

49Title: Grimspace

Author: Ann Aguirre

Series: Grimspace #1

Genre: Science Fiction / Urban Fantasy (Space Opera)

This first book may not have been out last year, but the conclusion was and you’d better bet that I dropped everything else I was reading to finish this series! Read full review

48Title: The Last Stormlord

Author: Glenda Larke

Series: Stormlords #1

Genre: Fantasy

Again, one of my favorite authors, and this series was her best yet! Great world-building and lovable characters that make up a trilogy that I think should be among the fantasy greats! Read full review

divergentTitle: Divergent

Author: Veronica Roth

Series: Divergent #1

Genre: Teen Fantasy

Literally the last book I finished in 2012, I stayed up an extra couple of hours practically dying with a bad cold to finish this. My only regret is that I’m almost finished with Insurgent and book three is no where on the horizon. It was excellent! Read full review

40Title: Kushiel’s Dart

Author: Jacqueline Carey

Series: Kushiel’s #1

Genre: Fantasy

Okay, I’ll admit, this one was a little hard to get into at first. Don’t let that stop you, though. It is one of the most epic political love stories I’ve ever read and it was also completely unforgettable!

There you have it – all my favorites from 2012! What were some of yours?

Thoughts? Leave a Comment:

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