Coming Soon: Protector

A oneTitle: Protector

Author: C.J. Cherryh

Series: Foreigner #14

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date: April 2, 2013

The Overview: It’s coming up on Cajeiri’s birthday. The boy has been promised he can have the young human children he knew from his voyage sent down from the space station for a two week stay. But there’s far a darker business going on in the background—a major split compromising the Assassins’ Guild, which furnishes security and law enforcement to the whole continent.  Tabini’s consort’s own father has been barred from court, and may be involved in a new conspiracy against him.

For safety reasons, Tabini wants Bren and Ilisidi to take charge of Cajeiri, and protect him and his young guests. They themselves are very likely targets of whatever’s going on, no question of it. So is Cajeiri. But having the targets separated and contained is an advantage. It’s Bren’s responsibility to entertain the guests, keep the security problem secret…and let a lonely eight-year-old prince reestablish his controversial relationship with the only other children he’s ever met…inside the best security they can manage.

Niki’s Notes: I really want to read this series. I’ve had the first book, Foreigner on the top of my TBR pile for ages now. I had no idea there were fourteen novels in the series, though. When I do start it, I’d better be ready for the long haul! The storyline reminds me of my favorite scifi author, Julie E. Czerneda, which is why I’ve been wanting to give it a try. It also seems to have the potential for some epic world-building and great characters!

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