Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character!


Hosted by the Broke and the Bookish, this is a fun weekly feature where bloggers like myself get to geek out about our favorite books. This week’s category is:

Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character!

I had a blast putting this one together and I’m especially looking forward to seeing what kind’s of heart-throbs make everyone else’s lists.

1: My best friend and I have actually had full-blown conversations were we try to decide who is the “hottest” guy in fiction. My answer is always Dimitri – I’m certain of it. How can I tell without ever actually having seen him? Beats me. All I know is everything about him, from the way he thinks to how he treats Rose, Dimitri Belikov is my top pick!

2: I really like Adam. I think he’s charming, funny, and sexy in a way that is very low-key. He almost reads like the guy who is okay by society standards but to you is the most gorgeous person on the planet.

3: The winner is clear for me, but I feel like the other contender would get a ton of votes from other women. They are both crush-worthy, but I always find myself drawn to Jean Claude.

4: Okay, okay, I haven’t actually read this series. It’s all about Ian Somerhalder on the show. I don’t care how the book tells it, I’m team Damon all the way!

5: Seth is not a “sexy” character compared to some of the others but he’s on my list because he has all the qualities of someone I would actually consider dating. An intelligent, attractive, book-loving writer who cares for the girl with all his heart? My kind of guy exactly! In fact, I’m pretty sure I married one just like him… ;)

6: I find Logan incredibly crush-worthy even though I would never date him. Although physically my type, I’ve never been okay with the guy being a “man-whore”. In Logan’s case, I think I liked him so much because of those moments when he dropped the act and treated Gwen like she was the most precious thing in the world.

7: This book provided yet another love-triangle, and I’m pretty sure I picked the guy I think would be best for the main character as well as myself. Jace was just fiercely loyal and compassionate, though part of his appeal might have been because he was off-limits.

8: Okay, I’m probably referencing the movie more than the book with this one, but for me Aragorn’s appeals are the choices he makes and his excellent character. Even if I were going based on movie alone, I would still probably pick him, but Orlando Bloom would put up a great fight.

9: This is one of the few books that doesn’t have a triangle. Jocelyn is a dream-guy, and I can’t even pinpoint exactly what it is I like about him. The fact that he’s so perfect for Phedre is oddly part of his appeal, but I think it comes down to how well Carey described him physically and how he treats his true love.

10: Team Edward (Woot!) but let it be clear that I’m on his side for the book only. As far as the movies are concerned, Jacob wins hands-down.

10 comments on “Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character!

  1. I love your taste in books! I’ve not read many of these and wouldn’t classify any of them on my own swooning list, but I do like your taste.


  2. Haha I can’t remember any of the characters from Stray #sadmoment, but I couldn’t agree more with your choice for Twilight. Even though, I know, there will be a lot of people going “OMG, why is that series even there?” I think the book is just mindless fun to read between exam-time.


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