Dragon Obsession – The Visual Files


Cadmus and the Dragon of Ares

by Ciruelo

 I’ll admit that the first couple of times I saw this painting I didn’t even notice the dragon – that sense of discovery I felt when I finally saw it is probably why this is one of my favorites. Not only is it visually stunning, but it evokes in me feelings of everything I love about dragons and fantasy, indicating that magic is all around us even when we aren’t aware of it. The inspiration from this photo is actually the starting point from which I developed a new breed of forest-dwelling dragons in the novel I’m working on. It always gets me in the mood to write when I see it.

My Dragon Obsession files would not have been complete without this one, and it probably won’t be the last Ciruelo picture I post, either – he has some of the best dragon paintings out there. This is the book I snagged it from:


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