Dragon Obsession – The Visual Files




Meet Jekyll and Hyde

As you can probably tell from my endless posts of “Dragon Obsession,” I have a problem. Every time I see awesome dust-collectors like these in a store, I can’t resist the urge to buy them.

Why is this a problem? Well, aside from the obvious negative impact on my bank account, I’m also running out of room. It’s to the point now where I actually have some in storage. I tried to display them all once but my bookshelves started to bow under the extra weight (I have horribly cheap shelves that can only barely handle my 4000 book collection… but that’s a collecting problem for another day).

Anyway, I couldn’t resist buying this one. The photos you see are actually the flip sides of the same statue (who can pass up a two-for-one deal?). I’ve had it for three or four years and I still can’t decide which side I like better. I love the ombré effect of green to red on the “orange” side, but I really like the little purple baby dragon on the blue side.

Which one would you put on display?

For the record, “Hyde” is whichever of the dragons not on display at the moment. I liked the play on words (because he’s hiding… get it?). ;)

by Niki Hawkes

4 comments on “Dragon Obsession – The Visual Files

  1. Ohh wow these are amazing!! How could anyone resist? :D I didn’t realise you had a WHOLE section dedicated to dragons, this is so awesome. They’re my fave mythical creature yet I’ve read surprisingly few books about them. That needs to change. :)


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