Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition (7/16/2013)

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I’m so excited for this top ten Tuesday (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) because it gives me the opportunity to introduce you guys to a couple of little-known authors that totally rocked my world. They all have a few things in common: excellent writing, great characters, killer stories, and epic world-building. They all also happen to be high priorities on my reread list. The saddest common factor? I’ve never had a conversation with anybody who’s read more than one of these titles (if any…at least before my recommendations).

So without further ado:

Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition!

#1 Glenda Larke: I’ve devoured everything this woman has ever published, even going so far as to pay astronomical shipping on the Mirage trilogy only available in Australia. If she ever chooses to write anything else, she will get top priority on my reading list. She has the best world-building of any author I’ve ever read; creating settings that are truly stunning.

#2 Jennifer Fallon: I loved everything about these books. It was an excellent story that was frankly better than most of the “popular” authors out there and it makes me sad she didn’t get more attention. I will say though, this is the only trilogy of hers I’ve read so far.

#3 Elizabeth Haydon: I admit the first hundred pages of the first book is a little difficult to get into. Some truly remarkable things happen in a rather confusing manner that only makes sense as you keep reading. Clear as mud? Aside from that, Haydon gave me brilliant characters, exceptional races and cultures, and dragons. I have actually reread these, and like them just as much the second time.

#4 Juliet E. McKenna: I am flabbergasted that this series is not more popular. It has all the elements I’ve come to expect from an epic fantasy adventure and yet barely anybody has heard of her. It’s a shame because the only difference between McKenna and highly successful fantasy authors is… Nothing. I love these books.

#5 Julie E. Czerneda: This author dazzles me with her creativity and great characters. Despite how much I love #6 on my list, this author is my all time favorite science fiction writer. Her stories are burned into my brain and I can’t wait for the chance to experience them again.

#6 Ann Aguirre: sort of a mix between a science fiction and an urban fantasy, this author really gets how to create great relationships between humans and other interplanetary characters. These books make me excited to talk about them and are easily some of the ones I recommend the most.

#7 Daniel Abraham: this is a new (relatively) fantasy author who is starting to gain a little bit of momentum for himself. He is actually the first author on my list who I recommend towards fantasy buffs who have read “everything” already and are looking for the next great thing.

#8 T.A. Pratt: this guy is not only one of my top urban fantasy authors, but he happens to be one of my favorite writers. I look up to him for his talent and dedication and hope to one day have the opportunity to pick his brain. His stories are as entertaining as they are unique.

#9 Lawrence Watt-Evans: I have never read a piece of work from this author that I didn’t absolutely love. His dragons series is my favorite on the market and inspired me enough to hunt them out in hardcover. I own everything he’s ever written and it’s all fantastic!

#10 Rachel Aaron: this woman is amazing! There is not a single thing I did not like about her books and in fact plan to go back and reread them to improve my own craft. She adds an element of wonder to adult fantasy that makes you feel like a kid again. Some authors try to do this, but they come off more whimsical and ridiculous rather than brilliant like Aaron.

You may have noticed that I don’t have any teen books on this list. It turns out that I can name at least a dozen people who enjoyed all my favorites, so comparatively they are already gaining tons of recognition, know?

Anyway, which titles made your list? I’d love to hear if someone has read more than one of the books on my list. :-)

by Niki Hawkes

15 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition (7/16/2013)

  1. Agree absolutely on Glenda Larke: brilliant! And Juliet McKenna, of course, and Julie Czerneda. (Not quite so sure about Elizabeth Haydon…) And thank you for naming some authors I haven’t yet tried. I shall now go away and try them!


  2. Some of these I’ve only encountered in short story form (thank you Podcastle and Starship Sofa), but I’ll definitely second your Juliet E McKenna and Tim Pratt recommendations – especially since if more people read her, maybe I’ll be able to finally find the last volume of the Tales of Einarrin.


  3. If the random commens of a stranger can sooth you, I’ve read McKenna, Fallon, Pratt & Watt-Evans on that list, and have the Aguirre and Abrahms on the TBR shelf. Also, I’m inclined to think that Fallon’s Second Sons trilogy blows Medalon, which I liked quite a lot, out of the water! :)


  4. Ann Aguirre’s Grimspace books are brilliant. A breathless read with characters to care about and a central relationship that stretches out tension to the max.


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