Stacking the Shelves! (8/3/2013)


Stacking the Shelves is a weekly feature hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. I’m not sure why I haven’t participated in this feature before now – I love to to collect books, show them off, and see what other people are interested in. A lot of the other book blogs I follow do this every week and I find myself geeking out on their behalf that all the cool stuff they get.

Many of you know that I’ve been a bookseller for almost eleven years. Imagine how many books you would accumulate if you went to a bookstore five days a week and were handed a paycheck before you left the building on Fridays… A lot – that’s how many. Let’s put it this way, my friends and family have informed me that I am not allowed to move ever again because they got tired of lugging my books around. Anyway, I thought I would start this first feature with a look at a section of my library (those of you on Facebook have likely seen this already):


This makes up about two thirds of my adult collection. There are a couple more bookshelves on the opposite wall with more, and then four more shelves in another room with all my teen and young adult books. I seriously could just sit on the floor and stare at my collection all day.

So now that you’ve had a chance to see the shelves I’m stacking (don’t ask me where I’m going to put the new ones) let’s take a look at the books I’ve accumulated over the month of July:

Purchased (both hard copy and e-book):

ARCs (Thank you, NetGalley!):

and Giveaways (Thank you, The Polished Page-Turner for hosting such an amazing giveaway!):

 Now that I’m adding it all up, July was a really expensive month, but I can see I’m in for some really great reading! [sorry, husband! ;)]

What books filled your shelves this month? 

14 comments on “Stacking the Shelves! (8/3/2013)

  1. :) Your description of your library doesn’t even do it justice. You didn’t even mention that every couple of months you go through and get rid of a couple hundred books you no longer have room for. Next time you do, you should take a picture of the countless bagfuls and post that as your header. ;)


    • Thank you! I love your taste in books – you managed to pick out the only two books on the list that I’ve begun reading, ha ha (legend and never fade). I am enjoying them immensely!


  2. I love your top slider and blog background!

    So jealous of your shelves, they are awesome. I used to sell my books when I was done reading them so I have money to buy more but now I keep all of them. I would love to work at a bookstore, that would be amazing!


    • Thank you! I spent two or three months agonizing over how to make it more “me” and now I love it. You have a pretty cute design, too – The background is really classy and I love how big the sliding banner is at the top. :-)

      Oh man, that must’ve been tough – I have a difficult time getting rid of even the ones I didn’t like. Working at a bookstore is amazing and it’s been my dream job up to this point, but oh my gosh it’s expensive, ha ha.


  3. Hahaha….I agree with Charlotte. That is a poor example of your book collection, not including the hundreds you’ve gotten rid of, the hundreds more not in this room and let’s not get started on the ebooks. :-) and I know for a fact that if someone were to offer you free books you’d take them whether you had room or not. Who knew that first book on animals would have started all this. :-)


    • Haha, that was great description – poor little homeless books. And thank you, maintaining my library has always brought me a lot of joy. I hope you get the chance to say the same someday. :-)


  4. Holy moley I love your bookshelves!!!!! I’ve learn very quickly that working with books is a tricky business, because it’s hard not to bring the whole shop home with you!

    I hope you enjoy all your lovely books. I read Across the Universe last year and didn’t get on with it, but I hope you do. :)


    • Thank you! I have had to work really hard over the last couple of years to be conservative – I still bring home a good 5 to 10 books a month though :-) I hope I like them to – especially across the universe. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews so I’m doubly curious.


    • I apologize! I don’t know how I managed to miss this comment.

      I went through the smaller apartment dilemma a couple of years ago and it bothered me a lot more than I thought it would not have my books displayed. I hope eventually you can bring them out and display them to all their glory. :-)


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