Top Ten Tuesday–Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters! (8/27/2013)

hhh 2 Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic celebrates our favorite sidekicks:

Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters!

 I’ve probably chosen a few who are considered main characters, so let’s say my criteria was that they were neither the main protagonist or love interest.

#1 Dead Witch Walking – Jenx: not only is this feisty, loyal pixie in my top ten, so are all of the side characters in this book.  Kim Harrison is the queen of side characters. They are all creative, memorable, and 100% entertaining – they honestly are what tips this series from great to amazing!

#2 Darkest Minds – Chubs: if you’ve read this series, I bet you haven’t forgotten about this character. He has such a lovable personality because it stems from a place that’s both loyal and compassionate. I would recommend this book for him alone. 

#3 Harry Potter – All of Them: need I say more?

#4 Wizard’s First Rule –Cara: the mord-sith are a totally fascinating organization. Quite a bit sadistic, but it was one of my favorite moments in the series to watch one struggle to breakaway from their horrific way of life. I don’t believe Cara actually shows up until the second book…

#5 Hunger Games – Cinna: I think he was Katniss’s rock and the only person who didn’t demand anything from her. He always did his best by her and I think that’s why I love him most.

#6 Sword-Dancer – the horse: this beast was the most ornery animal, and reading about the main protagonist trying to get it to follow direction was hysterical. It’s been ten years and I still remember how funny that stupid horse was.

#7 Blood Engines – Rondeau: aside from the really cool concept surrounding this character, I thought he was an excellent counterpart to the main protagonist. This is yet another series where I enjoyed all of the side characters.

#8 Poison Study – Rosie: animals tend to make an impression on me, and no more so recently in this tiny little pig. She may not stick with me as long as some of the others on my list, but she sure deserves a shout out.

#9 Grimspace – The Ithtorian: this character was so delightfully alien that I’m not really sure how I managed to form such a fondness for him. You would think any one of the amazing human characters would’ve appealed to me more. 

 #0 Assassin’s Apprentice: The Fool: I dare say this character is my favorite on the list. After nine novels, I love this character but I’m sure there are still more things I could learn. His complexity blows my mind and I would be really sad if Hobb doesn’t bring him up again. 

Now that the list is complete, I’m realizing that several of these books are in my all time favorites… Maybe side characters are more important than I initially thought. :-) My

Who are your memorable characters? 

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