Coming Soon: Darkness Splintered by Keri Arthur

16144868Title: Darkness Splintered

Author: Keri Arthur

Series: Dark Angels #6

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Release Date: November 5, 2013

The Overview: When Risa loses the second key to hell, she angers several powerful people, and she’s starting to feel the pressure from all sides. She gets a visit from her father, who gives her an ultimatum: Get back the key or he will kill her friends.Ris4a also finds herself under the scrutiny of the vampire council, some of whom consider her a monster who should be destroyed. But they offer her a bloody bargain: Take on the lethal head of the council, Madeline Hunter, and others will support her. As the search for the keys to hell heats up, Risa realizes that she has no choice. For the sake of the people she loves, she must find the keys — and get rid of Hunter — before the second gate is opened and brings the world closer to all hell breaking loose…


 Nik’s Notes:

  This week’s Waiting on Wednesday (hosted by Breaking the Spine) I’ve chosen to feature Keri Arthur, the author who got me hooked on the urban fantasy genre. To this day, her Riley Jensen series is among my all-time favorites and I’ve read them several times. As a spinoff series, the Dark Angels has been every bit as entertaining as Riley (who, to my delights, makes some appearances). Although I’m not caught up with this series, I hope to be by the time this one is released in November.

What book are you waiting on?

One comment on “Coming Soon: Darkness Splintered by Keri Arthur

  1. I love how you made your WoW image from the book cover. Very cool! I hope you have a chance to catch up in the series in time to enjoy this new release.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!


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