Meet Rory!

I’d like to introduce you all to the newest member of our family: Rory, a black-tri miniature Australian Shepherd. We brought this little angel home from Copper Sky pupRanch last week and our household has been sleepless emotional roller coaster ever since! People try to warn you, but no one can fully prepare you for the amount of work that goes into raising a puppy. It requires Constant Vigilance! As Professor Moody would say because the definition of “puppy” is: cute little balls of fur that like to chew on everything while simultaneously utilizing your carpet as a bathroom. I am grateful to Ashley over at Geekery and Books for her helpful tips on raising a puppy – she couldn’t have posted it at a better time!

roryI will say that for only having her in our home for a week, Rory is doing amazing! We’ve only had one or two accidents a day and she already knows the commands “sit” and “drop it.” I have been blown away and how quickly this little baby animal picks up on my cues. Eventually, I’d like to train her to compete in things like agility, triebball, and (most importantly) fetch.

Getting a puppy has changed my life… as in, I no longer have one. Things will ease up the older she gets, but for now it’s all I can do to keep her fed, rested, and happy. So for those of you who noticed my week-long delay in response: I have very good excuse. :-)

 In case you were wondering, she is indeed named after Rory Gilmore:

n I wanted a memorable female character who also represented my love of reading. Perfect.

by Niki Hawkes

11 comments on “Meet Rory!

  1. ADORABLE!! I can completely empathize with the difficulties of puppy raising. Love the name too! Glimore Girls was such an awesome show. My pup was named after Lexi from Grey’s Anatomy…lol.


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  3. AWWHHHHHH!!!!! I’m dying from the cuteness! :D Totally love the rocking name to, in my opinion, you couldn’t have picked a better one. I kinda wish I had thought of it first. :P

    *I just had to go though and look at all the picture again. Aw, aw, awhhhhh.*


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