Dystopian Reading Challenge 2013 – The September Edition!


Hosted by Blog of Erised (one of my favorite blogs), this feature challenges readers to pick up twenty-four dystopians over the course of one year. I don’t know how I’m only just finding out about this now, as I would’ve loved to participate from the beginning. Although, I haven’t missed out entirely because, as a self-proclaimed dystopian addict, I have been sort of participating all year. Here is a look at all the books read so far:

The official tally:


Level 3: Revolutionists!


Considering I’ve only read sixty books this year, you can see how much I love the genre (just think how many I could have read had I been actively working towards a goal).

 How many dystopian’s have you read so far?

4 comments on “Dystopian Reading Challenge 2013 – The September Edition!

  1. Wow, good job! :) It’s never too late to join in! Sign up in the master post, add these to the last month’s linky (no matter when you read them) if you want to get in on the giveaway in December, and send an email for the badge!
    Happy reading!


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