Book Review: Book of Enchantments by Patricia C. Wrede

64108Title: Book of Enchantments

Author: Patricia C. Wrede

Series: N/A

Genre: Teen Fantasy

Rating: 4/5 stars

The Overview: This witty and charming collection of ten short fantasies includes a story, set in the Enchanted Forest, about Queen Cimorene’s Frying Pan of Doom; a zany yarn about a magical blue chipmunk with a passion for chestnuts; and an eerie tale of a caliph who turns his vizier’s daughter into a wolf.

64108 2

The Review: 

This collection of tales by the author of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles was every bit as engaging and whimsical as the stories that captured my imagination as a kid. From a writer’s standpoint, it was also a great study of composing short stories – she even includes authors notes at the end sharing her inspiration behind each story.

My review today is going to be a bit short because, from a reading standpoint, this is one of those books that you don’t analyze, you just have fun with! Reading it really did bring me back to my childhood. I enjoyed all of the stories and appreciated just how different they were from one another. There was everything from a humorous werewolf tale to a haunted castle to a conceited unicorn… And they were all as good as they were different; a little something for everyone. My favorite was the cover story about a wizard who accidentally summons a little blue chipmunk god – adorable!

Overall, since I already had planned on sharing The Enchanted Forest Chronicles with my kids one day, I am delighted to have even more from this author to pass along.

Recommended Reading: for fans of the Enchanted Forest, fairytales, and whimsical short stories!

by Niki Hawkes

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