Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Character Names (10/22/2013)

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For me, a name is only as good as the character behind it, so this week’s topic could also be dubbed “Niki’s Top Ten Favorite Characters.” In any case, here we have:

Top Ten Character Names!

#1: Riley Jensen – This chick kicks butt. She’s half vampire half werewolf, and if I were constantly surrounded by the supernatural, I’d definitely won her on my side!

#2: Sydney – Of all the literary characters, I’ve yet to identify with one as much as I do this awesome Alchemist. We have a lot of the same tendencies and issues… that’s all and saying.

#3: Minerva McGonagall – you would think I would love a character that’s more close to me demographically, but I can’t help it – I love this woman. I admire her spirit, loyalty, and determination, and find her scenes to be some of the most powerful.

 #4: Jarlaxle – I loved that I never knew whose side this character was on. Capable of great evil, he still managed to be incredibly likable. His part in Drizzt’s saga really made the series something extra special for me.

#5 Chubs – Best side character ever! He was so rich and rounded right from the beginning, and his constant loyalty and protectiveness outshone the main characters at times (in the very best way). I was not expecting that to happen.

 #6 Mara of the Acoma – This memorable character taught me it’s possible to be both feminine and strong. Her story will always be on a pedestal in my mind.

#7: Kvothe – This star of my favorite novel is kind of a shit… but I kind of love him because of it.

#8 Nico – This little girl has more bravery and determination in her little finger than most of us have in our entire bodies. She manages to be both unassuming, dynamic and fascinating all at the same time – what a cool character!

#9: Kahlan – Hands down my favorite female character in literature! I love her so much I’m naming my first daughter after her (although I’m spelling it Kaylen so more people know how to pronounce it).

 And my favorite:

Fool's Errand by Robin Hobb

Fool’s Errand by Robin Hobb

#10: The Fool – this is my favorite character ever. The Fool is simply fascinating and I devour every new novel hoping to learn more about this golden character. His journey touches my heart in ways no other character has, and he is partially responsible for why I started to review blog. A++ all the way!

by Niki Hawkes

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