Top Ten Books I Recommend to Nonreaders! (11/18/2013)

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 For avid readers like myself, there is no end to the number of great books just waiting to be added to our colossal TBR piles. For nonreaders, however, it can be really difficult finding quality reading if you’re not immersed in the book world. It has been my experience that most nonreaders select their next books based solely on word of mouth and personal recommendations.

 Because they are not familiar with many of the subgenres of speculative fiction, I always try to get them started on “gateway” novels – ones that aren’t too intimidating for the casual reader but are good enough that I can recommend them confidently to a wide range of people. As a side note, I consider anyone who reads fewer than five books a year to be a nonreader. These recommendations also work for avid readers looking to explore other genres.

Top Ten Books I Recommends to Nonreaders!

   Now keep in mind that I wouldn’t hand any of these titles to people who only like creative nonfiction or biographies. They have to be interested in these genres to begin with, and I do a lot of brain picking before I throw my heart and soul into a recommendation. I actually have a list of about five titles per genre that I mention to an interested person, but tried to pick the best from each one to represent here. Would any of these make your list?

by Niki Hawkes

5 comments on “Top Ten Books I Recommend to Nonreaders! (11/18/2013)

  1. For non-readers, I always recommend “The Unit” by Swedish author Nini Holmqvist. It’s gripping from the start and has a theme that seems to appeal to a broad audience- set in the future, not far from our own but a very different world. Something akin to 1984, but more subtle and very disturbing. Such a great book!


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