Stacking the Shelves – November’s Edition!

Stacking the shelves

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 November’s Stacking the Shelves has to be my favorite so far because I actually have more than a couple of books to show for my month of book buying. Here’s a look at my library’s new additions:



 All SIGNED and purchased it during the Vegas Valley Book Festival – an event that literally made my year. As if getting to go to the event wasn’t cool enough, I was part of the Barnes and Noble team recruited to help run the BN tent. In short, I got paid to be there… How cool is that? Throughout the day, we got to wander between multiple author panels, get pictures with the authors, and attend the massive author signing at the end of the day. There were so many authors there that I was concerned I wouldn’t have enough time to get all my books signed. I have to complement the people in charge of the events for organizing things so well because I was able to meet and talk to every author on my list with time to spare. It was amazing and I fully intend on going again next year. And yes, I brought back a few of these for you… Giveaways to come. :-)



As you might be able to tell, I blew the crap out of my budget on hardcopies…


 The one I’m most excited to read is probably Shannon Hale’s new book. I think she has a lovely voice and I always find her stories charming. I’m looking forward to seeing how she tackles a dystopian – will there be more edge? I’m excited to find out…

What books stacked your shelves this month?

by Niki Hawkes

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