Dystopian Reading Challenge 2013 – The Yearly Recap Edition!


Hosted by Blog of Erised (one of my favorite blogs), this feature challenged readers to pick up as many dystopians as they could throughout 2013. Here’s a look at how I did:

The official tally:


Level 4: Leader!


Considering I only read about eighty books this year, you can see how much I love the genre. Just think how many I could have read had I been actively working towards a goal all year (although that way of thinking is dangerous, as discussed in my post on Reading Challenges). I will say, as much as I love it, I’m getting a little burnt out on the genre. I don’t think I’ll get anywhere near 25 in 2014.

 How many dystopian’s did you read this year?

2 comments on “Dystopian Reading Challenge 2013 – The Yearly Recap Edition!

  1. I have only read 6 this year and while I am no where near burnt out yet I try to keep a little balance. However, I have found out that 6 advent books in the month of December was way to much for me. I am officially over them and wont so as many next year. Thanks for the list though, I am anxious to add more to my list for 2014.


    • I usually try for balance (try being the opportune word), but this year I really did get wrapped up in the genre. I didn’t even find out about the challenge until September and had already read about twenty books before then. I will say, despite the fact that I am a tad burned-out, I enjoyed most of them thoroughly! Hope you do too. :-)


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