Top Ten Topics on my Reading Wishlist!

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 I’ll admit I was a little unsure of this week’s topic at first… Then I got to talking about it with Charlotte over at Apathy and Rhetoric and she convinced me it could be a fun one. Although it took me ages to compose, I actually think this may be my favorite TTT within the last couple of months. It’s essentially a wishlist of topics I’d like to see authors writing more about (and a celebration of those who have already done them well). Please enjoy:

 Top Ten Topics on my Reading Wishlist

#1 Dragons:

Dragons represent everything I love about fantasy. I read anything I can get my hands on and in fact have never read a dragon story I didn’t like at least a little. Many are among my all-time favorites.

 #2 Schools:

I will go out of my way to read anything involving a school of some sort – especially if they are studying something exotic like dragon riding or potions.

#3 Competitions:

From football to dog shows, I’m a sucker for any sort of competition… What can I say, I just want to see who wins, and I will give almost any novel a try that has this element. I have to say many of the ones I’ve been reading recently have come up short (excluding the books above, of course).

#4 Cool Magic Systems:

People doing extraordinary things through an intrinsic or learned (preferable) ability? Sign me up!

#5 Epic World Building:

I love books that transport me to new and exotic places – especially if they also have complex storylines and amazing characters like the books above.

#6 Space Operas:

This is a genre I haven’t fully appreciated until the last year or so. To me, they read like urban fantasies set in space – the characters are fun and cheeky and the possibilities are endless. I also think there a lot more fun to read than traditional, serious science fiction because the extra focus on characterization makes them more accessible.

#7 Elves: 

Elves are seriously underutilized in my opinion. I love their cultures and would gladly welcome a few new novels surrounding them.

#8 Profound Love Stories:

I crave the kind of epic love story that you’d cross oceans to find… provided it’s not the only aspect of the story. I’d also like plenty of world building and a complex storyline to go along with it. Not too difficult, right?

#9 Ocean Life:

Okay so this is the only truly bizarre one on my list. I just want to read a few books exploring an ocean world without involving mermaids. I feel like there’s so many opportunities for creativity here – heck, I’d even take a retelling of Atlantis. Even the titles above are a bit of a stretch – a good deal of them take place on the surface of the ocean rather than below it. I think it would make a cool concept for a high fantasy… Maybe I’ll write one.

#10 Series with Good Endings:

I want loads more good endings… Preferably of the happy sort, but I would just settle for greatness at this point. Several books that I’ve read lately could’ve easily ended up in my favorites category had they not had such sucky endings. A good ending will make me cherish a series far longer than an ending that is “non-cliché” or “non-realistic”.

So there you have it – my top ten book cravings! A real winner usually contains two or more of the items on my list and many of my all-time favorite novels have at least five of the items… I definitely know what I like to read about!

 What are your wish lists topics? Do any of these appeal to you?

By Niki Hawkes

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