Top Ten Worlds I Would Hate/Love to Live in!

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 This week, instead of featuring top ten worlds I wouldn’t want to live in (in which I would list a number of dystopians) I decided to also pay homage to the worlds that keep my daydreams alive and list a few worlds I would want to live in.

Top Five Worlds I Would Hate to Live In:

 1. Game of Thrones: No thank you! Not only is this world icky (albeit historically accurate), but there is a very good chance I’ll be killed off before I have a chance to explore it.

2. The Fifth Wave: This version of Earth scares the ever living crap out of me.

3. The Way of Shadows: I don’t find the entirety of this world deplorable, but wouldn’t want anything to do with most of what’s featured in this novel.

4. Guilty Pleasures: Of all the urban fantasies I’ve read, this one is the one that scared me, scarred me, and scalded me the most. Okay, I don’t know about the scalding part, but the other two are true.

5. The Last Stormlord: As much as I love living in the desert (bring on the heat!) this world is just a little too harsh and dangerous for my tastes. I definitely wouldn’t want to be at the whim of a single, all-powerful stormlord.

Top Five Worlds I Would Love to Live In:

 1. The Aware: This world takes place across a few island nations with plenty of paradise beaches, magical creatures, and a whole lot of cool magic!

2. Kushiel’s Dart: With inspiration from classical European countries, this world offers a level of grandeur and elegance that just doesn’t exist anymore… At least not in the way that Carey tells it.

3. Joust: Any place where I’d be able to learn how to ride dragons is awesome in my book. This world wins over others I could name because a. there are no fiery rays of death raining down from space (Dragonriders of Pern) b. it doesn’t take place in the isolated craters of Mars (Dragon Blood) and c. there are more than just a few dragons in existence (Eragon).

4. Harry Potter: Need I explain?

5. Lord of the Rings: I would very much like to go live in Rivendell, Sauron be damned!

What worlds would you pick?

by Niki Hawkes

14 comments on “Top Ten Worlds I Would Hate/Love to Live in!

  1. Interesting. This would require some thought. I’ve always liked David Eddings world in his series The Belgariad and The Mallorean. I wouldn’t like to live in the Hunger Games world or pretty much any dystopian society.


    • Oh yes – I agree with you on both accounts. I read the Belgariad and remember really liking the world – I would want to learn the secret hand language Garion tries to pick up in the first book or two! Also, even if I lived in the Capitol – I don’t know that I could watch children killing each other for sport… Much less participate in it.


      • Oh yes, the secret hand language!!! I’d forgotten about that. I started reading those books when I was 8 or 9 and I remember trying to figure out how to communicate using my fingers. It didn’t work out so well. I’m not very subtle.


      • Ha ha – that’s too funny! I personally don’t have very much coordination so I doubt I would be any good at it now, much less at eight years old. Let alone having the skill to carry on two conversations at once (one verbal, one with gestures). I really do need to read the Mallorean series.


  2. I could never live in Middle-Earth, even if Sauron didn’t exist and even if I were allowed into Rivendell. The world is way too male-oriented. I’d prefer Alera from Jim Butcher’s “The Codex Alera” series after the new First Lord assumes power. The world in “The Naming” quartet by Alison Croggon is also quite idyllic when it’s not plagued by evil spirits.


    • I totally see where you’re coming from – perhaps I should choose to live with Galadriel and the wood elves… I actually haven’t read that series by Butcher (I didn’t realize it was a fantasy!) you make me want to pick it up soon. I’m also a big old fail regarding the Croggon series because I have owned it for years but haven’t read it yet. I love that you put both of the series up on my radar!


  3. Ooh this is a good idea! If I was choosing Worlds I’d love to be in the first one would be Narnia without a doubt. I mean, it comes with some obstacles but I could totally get on board with being High Queen Lipsy :)


  4. I LOVE the Anita Blake series by Laurel K Hamilton, but I definitely agree. I would not want to live in it. There are way too many things that go bump in the night. And I’d probably end up murdered by something paranormal before I was able to do anything fun anyway… Great choices!


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