Stacking the Shelves – January 2014 Edition!

Stacking the shelves

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 All I have to say is thank goodness for friends and family who heard my birthday pleas for Barnes and Noble gift cards. Without them, I certainly wouldn’t have read enough books this month to bring home this many amazing titles (per my Read 4, Buy 1 challenge). As I have been trying to streamline my collection to only the most special of titles, I am focused on bringing home only books I have already read (and loved) and/or want to collect. It’s really difficult to keep myself from buying things I won’t read for a long while, but so far I’m doing pretty well. Anyway, here’s a look at my new acquisitions:

Hardcopies (Adult):


 I am thrilled at all the additions to my collection this month! Having the Briggs and Harrison books in hardcover makes me incredibly happy, but I am most excited about the Brandon Sanderson book – it is gorgeous!

Hardcopies (Young Adult):


(Guarded by Raistlin)

Not too many in this category… To be honest I kind of violated my Read 4, Buy 1 for the bottom three titles because I found them on such killer deals. I think I paid less than ten dollars for the bunch. The problem is, I like having all formats match in the collections and now I have to go buy the other Rachel Caines in hardcover…

Thank you Harperteen for sending Panic!


 I probably shouldn’t have included the Lauren Oliver ARC in the Young Adult category as well as this one… ah, well – too late. Anyway I did get a few other awesome titles from Netgalley and Edelweiss (Thank you!!). I am actually tickled to only featuring two digital ARC titles this month because it’s proof that I’m sticking to my resolution to stop requesting so many of them.

 What books stacked your shelves this month?

by Niki Hawkes

6 comments on “Stacking the Shelves – January 2014 Edition!

  1. Yay I am so excited to see you got Total Eclipse, I love that series!!! Very nice Haul this week Niki :) You going to have to repack your bookshelf again…

    I also prefer to keep all my books in the same formats if I can, I prefer paperback’s though.

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.


    • I am actually really looking forward in reading more Rachel Caine! I feel like I have tragically underrated her in the past, even though I loved the feel of them (she sets such a great atmosphere!). My husband said the same thing about repacking my shelves when I brought home all of those books LOL. :-)


      • I agree, I want to try out her other series sometime soon too – Like the Morganville Vampires :) I totally overlooked Ill wind the first few times I saw it because of the cover, it went on to be my top series read after that and I bought the entire series!!


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