Top Ten Favorite Love stories!

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 Okay, I’ve tweaked this week’s topic a little bit. Instead of the top ten things I like/dislike about romance novels, I’ve decided to give you specific examples of the favorites I thought represented romance amazingly. I know I’ve included these titles in multiple TTTs and always mention that part of the reason I love them is for the romance. What I have never done is compiled all of them into one list. So without further ado:

 My Top Ten Favorite Love Stories!

 For most of my picks, romance is nowhere near the overall arc of the story, but was still nonetheless one of my favorite elements. At the moment, I think my favorite is probably Phedre and Joscelyn in the Kushiel’s series. I will say, not all of the epic love I’m talking about took place in the first book, but throughout the series as a whole.

 What books made your list?

by Niki Hawkes

6 comments on “Top Ten Favorite Love stories!

  1. Oh man, so true. I loved the Kushiel series (it made my list as well!). I need to read Bloodlines so badly – all this VA movie talk is making me want to get back to that world. I ALMOST put Succubus Blues on my list as well. Great choices!


    • Ooooh– I think you will like Keri Arthur’s Riley series. It’s by far the strongest of her works and is solely responsible for getting me hooked on the paranormal genre. Fair warning though, it is steamy! :-)


      • I have heard a lot of good things about the Riley Jenson Series :) So far I have only read her Nikki & Michael series as well as the first in the Damask Circle. Thanks for the heads up :)


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