Top Ten Fantasy Series I’d Like to Reread

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I wanted to do a top ten fantasy books post, but I had so many outstanding books to choose from that I couldn’t narrow it down. Instead, I decided to present:

Top Ten Fantasy Series I’d Like to Reread

I loved all of these books the first time around, but it’s been so long since I’ve read them (10+ years) that I can’t speak to exactly why I loved some of them. I remember general things, but none of the specifics that usually helps me recommend books. Others were so good that I remember them vividly and can’t wait to experience them again. Either way, there are some killer books on this list.

 I know rereading these series will cut into all the new books I can get through (which is why I haven’t already read them five times over). It’s that constant battle between the thrill of the unknown versus guaranteed awesomeness…. this year I hope to have reread at least three of these.

What books are on your reread list?

13 comments on “Top Ten Fantasy Series I’d Like to Reread

  1. I’m a fantasy geek, so these look absolutely amazing! Hmm … I would really like to reread The Chronicles of Narnia. I love rereading books that you read as a child and kind of discovering the story again. Great post!

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  2. I feel so lame because I don’t know any of these! And I say Fantasy is my favorite genre, this is embarrassing ;) I’ll have to check these out!

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