Top Ten Books on My Spring 2014 Reading List!


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This quarterly topic of TTT is by far my favorite to compose, mostly because it helps me stay focused on my goal to read only the books I’m most excited about (rather than the “obligation” ones). This month, I am pleased to say I am caught up enough with some of my favorite authors to include their latest books on this list.

Top Ten Books on My Spring 2014 Reading List!

There are so many killer titles in this top ten that I’m not even going to try to pick a favorite… I’m pretty sure I’m going to love them all. :-)

What books are at the top of your reading list?

by Niki Hawkes

23 comments on “Top Ten Books on My Spring 2014 Reading List!

  1. So many good ones. I always love your reading taste and we always have so much overlap. ;) I also need to read that Hobbs series. I can’t WAIT for Fitz & Fool later this year!! And I’m going to check out Dragon’s Path right now…


  2. great list! Looks like you’ve got an awesome time ahead with these books!
    I would love to read Ruins this spring too but I got the UK editions of the series and Ruins doesn’t come out until summer. Maybe I’ll get the ebook though.

    I want to read Brandon Sanderson too! But I still need to read The Way of Kings first and that will take me a while :D I do own Elantris too though and hope to read it soonish.


    • That is so sad that Ruins doesn’t come out at the same time where you are. I will say, I’m just starting it now and already I feel confident saying it’s worth the wait.
      As far as Brandon Sanderson is concerned, you are always in for a good book when you read something by him. The two books on my list are the only two I have not yet read from him, but he has already worked his way into my all-time favorites!


  3. My boyfriend is going to be so excited if that Terry Goodkind book is a new one. We’re reading The Sword of Truth series right now, he introduced it to me. SO GOOD.


  4. I need to read more adult fantasy. I like most of what I read, but just don’t seem to get to it. I am adding some of these to my list and will push myself to read one or two!


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