Top Ten Authors I Would Love to Meet!

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This week was supposed to be attributes to the top ten things on my bookish bucket list. Since over half of the things were desires to meet my favorite authors, I decided to switch it up a little:

Top Ten Authors I Would Love to Meet!

They all take turns as my favorites, depending on whom I’m reading at the moment. But the person I’d most like to meet right now is:


Seriously, though, they’re all amazing authors. I would be willing to travel across a few states to meet these authors. Everyone of them is among my all-time favorites, and I hope to one day include them all in the “top ten authors I’ve met” list. :-)

Here’s a list of some of the authors who would have been included on my list, had I not already had the pleasure of meeting them:

Patricia Briggs

Dan Wells

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Brandon Mull

David Farland

Rachel Caine

Just to name a few… :)

by Niki Hawkes

4 comments on “Top Ten Authors I Would Love to Meet!

  1. Well, I agree with wanting to meet all of the authors you’ve listed. However, I think you left out the #1 author I would like to meet: Raymond E. Feist
    How could you forget him? I would travel far to meet him…


  2. Interesting list. Sadly I’ve only read Sanderson and Rothfuss. I imagine my list would be peppered with fantasy authors, but probably Stephen King would be in there too. And can we resurrect Shakespeare?


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