Stacking the Shelves – March 2014 Edition!

Stacking the shelves

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Okay, brace yourselves… I went a little hogwild buying books this month. You see, I left my job of eleven years with Barnes and Noble Bookstore, and the terror of having to pay full price for books after more than a decade of employee discounts made me a bit irrational. I may have drained my savings…

Anyway, I now have practically every book that was on my To Be Purchased list, which is a lot of excellent reading to look forward to:

Hardcopies (Adult):



My favorite aquisition in this category is probably the new Brandon Sanderson – it’s gorgeous!

Hardcopies (YA):


I’ve already read most of these, but I am excited to have so many pristine hardcovers to add to my colleciton!

Because of the circumstances, my Read 4, Buy 1 challenge went completely out the window. So much so, that I have decided to put myself on a book buying ban. We will see how long that lasts, ha ha. Stay tuned for April’s edition of Stacking the Shelves: Niki’s failed attempt at a book ban.



Yes, I am finally utilizing the library for the first time in my life… I can’t possibly support my habit without it now. I figure it will allow me to read the books before I buy them, and become a little more picky in deciding which ones actually spend money on.

Signed Awesomeness:

This month I was lucky enough to meet Patricia Briggs, Brandon Mull, Chad Morris, and Dan Wells – which pretty much makes this the best month ever! The signed Brandon Sanderson I got from as an exclusive preorder, and the Ann Aguirre I acquired from a post she did on goodreads. :-)


Mortal Heart

 Yup, just one. That’s a vast difference from the ten I had on last months list. What can I say, I’ve managed to show a bit of restraint… But there also hasn’t been anything I’ve been just dying to read. Sad to say, but I’m pretty sure I went a little bit overboard in ARC requests last month, a decision I’m paying for. It wouldn’t of been so bad, but I requested a bunch of sequels to series I haven’t started yet simply because they were ones I was planning on reading eventually… not my brightest moment. My plan going forward is to limit myself to requesting sequels only if I am caught up in the series.

Anyway, if you need me, I’ll be reading…

 What books stacked your shelves this month?

by Niki Hawkes


2 comments on “Stacking the Shelves – March 2014 Edition!

  1. Wow what a haul.. don’t worry I also went a bit haywire this month! for some strange reason, there must have been something in the air. Awesome ARC btw :)

    I will support your book buying ban :) I have that rule too.. try only allowing yourself to complete any existing series and no more new ones for a while! That helped me curb the addiction.

    Good luck with your new path (where are you working now?)

    Happy reading and I look forward to your reviews!!!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.


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