Top Ten Female Characters That Inspire Me!

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 I have been so eager for this post that I started putting it together weeks ago. I just couldn’t wait to pay homage to my all-time favorite female characters, and thought it would be fun to figure out what I admired most about each of them. I’ve summed it up into a single attribute that represents what each of these characters inspired in me. Enjoy! :-)

Top Ten Female Characters That Inspire Me!

While I picked the attribute that most represented these amazing literary ladies to me, by no means are any of them limited to just one. :-) If you’d like explanation as to why I chose an attributes, or want to know which books they are from, let me know in the comments section and I’ll be sure to respond.

Which female characters inspire you?

by Niki Hawkes

27 comments on “Top Ten Female Characters That Inspire Me!

  1. Brilliant! I was not surprised at all to see Sydney Sage as your number 1 on the list :) I only know Sydney, Hermione & Katniss but all look awesome! My current MC Ari in the Guardian Witch series by Ally Shields is pretty awesome & street smart.

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.


  2. I haven’t met most of these characters. I’ve been excited about this post for weeks also, and I really like the buttons you’ve made for each lady and the thought you put into it.


    • I actually loved her from the books first, then fell in love with the show. The show did a great job capturing everything I loved about the series, and I would recommend reading them if for nothing else than to see where the story goes next! Goodkind is notorious for being long winded, but I didn’t mind that too much the first time around – especially within the fist six or seven books. :)


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