Top Ten Books I’m Reading Before the Vegas Valley Book Festival 2014!

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This week is a topics freebee week, so I’ve chosen to share some of the books I’m hoping to have read before the Vegas Valley Book Festival in October. I went last year and came home with over thirty signed books. It was awesome, but I feel like the experience could have been even better had I read most of the books before getting them signed – I’ve read a lot of them now and wish I could go back and geek about it with the authors and asked them questions. So this year, I’m hoping to make the most of this experience and am planning way ahead!

Top Ten Books I’m Reading Before the Vegas Valley Book Festival 2014!

 Pretty awesome lineup isn’t it? Most of these were on my TBR anyway, and I’ve heard fantastic things about some of them.  There’s a partial list of authors attending on the VVBF website, and a few more in the About section of their Facebook page Things are subject to change, but hopefully the authors I’m most looking forward to will be there!

 Which author would you be most excited to meet?

by Niki Hawkes

10 comments on “Top Ten Books I’m Reading Before the Vegas Valley Book Festival 2014!

    • I wish you could go too. I got lucky enough to volunteer with work last year, and they were nice enough to invite me back even though I quit (although, let’s face it, I’d probably crash the party anyway). Last year I’d only read a couple of the books, this year, I’m going to be ready!


    • Those are the two books on my list I most excited to read! I remember your rave review of the burning sky… I’m pretty sure it’s the one that put it on my radar – thanks for that :-)


  1. Great topic, I hope you have fun at the festival! A lot of these are on my own TBR list – Snow Like Ashes, Not A Drop and Reboot. I recently read Easy and ended up really enjoying that one. I hope you get to all of them and enjoy them :) Here’s my TTT, I went with my favourite mind-blowing endings.


    • I was hoping Easy was good! There is a huge geek-out happening among my friends who have read it so I’m excited for that one. And thank you, it’s shaping up to be a pretty fun Festival this year.


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