Stacking the Shelves – May 2014 Edition!

Stacking the shelves

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May was a humble months of purchasing over here at The Obsesses Bookseller, though that wasn’t due to any concerted effort on my part, haha. You see, I did stick to my personal Read 4, Buy 1 challenge, but there is this footnote in the challenge contract which indicates that all book buying bans go out the window if I find any “killer deals.” Therefore, I ordered about 16 bargain hardcovers online and would be showcasing them… had they not gotten lost’s in delivery (just my luck). The company says they’ll replace them but, until then, this meager (although pretty) pile of acquisitions will have to do!


 Thank you @FierceReads for hosting the contest for ARCs of Hungry by Swain – I’m super jazzed to read this one!

 All in all, it’s a pretty sharp collection of books – I have already read a couple of them and will be picking up The Burning Sky next.

 That’s it for me this month! Did any of you bring home anything exciting? I’m dying to see some of the hauls from BEA…

by Niki Hawkes

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