Top Twenty Classic Fantasy Series!

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I’m going a bit above and beyond this week, covering not only the top ten classic fantasy books I’ve read, but also the top ten I’d like to read. I just want to emphasize that I consider anything a “classic” that was published before I became a bookseller eleven years ago. Actually, some of them were written before I was even born. They are all a part of what I call the “essential fantasy list.” I realized that even though I consider these to be classics, I’m sure fantasy lovers from an older generation would have a very different looking list. What can I say? I picked titles that heavily influenced my reading journey and will always be nostalgic and “classics” in my eyes.

Top Ten Classic Fantasy Series I’ve Read:

 Top Ten Classic Fantasy Series I Want to Read:

 I know, Lord of the Rings isn’t on my list. I will probably lose a lot of street-cred, but I read it and, although I appreciate the heck out of it for what it did for the genre, I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Same goes for Wheel of Time… On the flip side, I also didn’t include more recent works such as Way of Kings and Name of the Wind because they haven’t been around long enough to be considered “classics” even though they’ll be near the top of my list ten years from now (in my opinion, they are perfect examples of modern fantasy and are revolutionizing how the genre is done).

 Anyway, this list represents my favorites and the ones I am most looking forward to reading. Would any of these fantasy books make your list?

 by Niki Hawkes

9 comments on “Top Twenty Classic Fantasy Series!

    • Most definitely! Of those listed, my favorite is Magician Apprentice by Feist with Homeland by Salvatore second and Assassin Apprentice third. Such great series that I’ve read many times! I hope you enjoy! :)


  1. I love the Wizard’s Rule book but I only read part of the sequel. The t.v. series was enjoyable though, and the Dragon of Autumn Twilight series was fun though I only read the first five books lol. :D


    • Hmm, I think the second was my favorite. I do love the show though- it’s a shame it got canceled. Lol, I read them all, but the first six were the best ones so you’re not missing a whole lot… Although the saga ending was pretty epic! ;)


    • Oh man – you’re in for some extreme awesomeness. I should warn you that they are really slow pace so it takes a while to really see the momentum of the story. I absolutely loved them though. :)


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