Stacking the Shelves – August 2014 Edition!

Stacking the shelves

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While I didn’t go totally hogwild this month buying books, I still somehow managed to knock my Read 4, Buy 1 challenge back several weeks. As it sits, I have about twelve books to read before I can start working towards my next book purchase. I have no one to blame but myself… and those really awesome Barnes & Noble coupons. I was tempted to just say “Happy August to me – here are some extra books!” which I’m totally within my rights to do (because I make the rules for my own challenge and that’s one of the perks). However, this reward system has been working so well for me this year that I decided I’m going to actually “earn” the books I splurged on this month before I let myself buy more. Don’t panic!! I have a two week cruise coming up where I will have ample time to read and very few opportunities to purchase books. :) Here’s a look at what I picked up this month:



 I love the books I acquired this month. A couple of them were bargain splurges, but the real gem is my signed copy of Fool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb. It’seasily one of my favorite books EVER and I am tickled to add it as a beautiful hardcover to my collection. I also thoroughly enjoyed Defy, and will be chasing down the author at the Vegas Valley Book Festival this October to get it signed. And you all know how much I loved The Girl of Fire and Thorns, so I had to have these short stories… it really wasn’t a choice.



March this year is the first time since I was twelve that I have taken advantage of my local library. You see, after working for a bookstore for eleven years, I got used to the convenience of buying all the books I wanted to read at a discounts and being able to check out hardcovers (although, I tended to just buy everything). I am a very flighty reader, so I was concerned that I would check books out from the library and end up returning them unread because I never got around to them. While that has happened with a few, I have actually managed to get through almost everything else. This surprises me. Anyway, I’ve already read Perfected and will definitely be adding it to my collection (as soon as I catch up with my reading challenge of course).

 That’s it for me this month! All-in-all, not a bad haul. :-)

What books stacked your shelves this month?

by Niki Hawkes

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