Top Ten Series I Want to Start!

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 Hey, everyone! The Obsessive Bookseller has rejoined the world… Have you missed me? And it looks like I chose the right moment to make comeback because I love talking about the books I am most looking forward to reading.

Top Ten Series I Want to Start!

You may recognize couple of these titles from this month’s Escape Reality Book Club Nominations, and that’s no coincidence –  I nominated them because I am dying to read them! Especially The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong because I’ve since discovered it ties into her urban fantasy “Women of the Otherworld” series (which I am loving). I am also excited to start shifting my reading attentions away from YA and more towards fantasy and science fiction. I’ve found I’ve lost a little patience with angsty teen love stories (as much as I love them) and am craving slightly more robust epic adventures. Not to mention I’ve now read most of the teen books I was excited to get my hands on, with the exception of the five series listed above. Of all the books on the list, I am probably most excited to read Shaman’s Crossing by Robin Hobb. It’s the only series of hers I’ve yet to explore, and with the second Fool’s Assassin more than year away, I’m going to need something to keep me occupied! 

So, those are my top picks… What new series are you eager to discover? 

by Niki Hawkes

14 comments on “Top Ten Series I Want to Start!

  1. I keep forgetting you haven’t read the Abhorsen trilogy (..quartet now I suppose) yet! You’ll have to let me know what you think when you get there :). Daughter of the Blood has actually been at the top of my TBR pile for ages, but it’s been hard to find a library copy, and I don’t buy books often these days.

    I am pretty hit or miss with Mercedes Lackey – I absolutely adore her Obsidian Mountain trilgoy, but the rest of her works have ranged from fun (Elemental Masters) all the way down to the downright offensive (The Black Swan, one of the most rage inducing books I’ve read). And yet I still read her! I guess in hopes that I’ll love her books the way I did that first trilogy. You’ll have to let me know if Elvenbane is worth taking a look at!


    • It seems really weird to me that I haven’t read it yet – especially since it’s been sitting on my shelf since, like, 2007. Luckily though, that’s about to change! It has been voted this months book club pick, And I actually read the first couple of chapters last night (so good)! Interestingly enough, the daughter of the blood has also been on my shelf forever, maybe even longer than the Abhorsen trilogy. I got it back when I bought books before I was really even sure I wanted to read them lol.
      And I know exactly what you mean with Mercedes Lackey! Her Dragon Jouster’s series is one of my all-time favorites, but I had the most difficult time getting through her black Griffin series and even set down the obsidian one .. We will have to see about this one ha ha.


    • Nice!!! I love how similar our tastes in books are. I am so eager to start the night huntress series (mostly because you loved it so much) so I will definitely make that one my top priority! :-)


  2. I really want to read more of Kelley Armstrong’s work! I wasn’t too impressed with the Gathering but I’ve heard great things about the Summoning series


    • I’ve heard great things too – my best friend keeps getting offended that I haven’t read it yet because she’s sure I’m going to love it. At least I know going in that I love her writing style, even if things do get cheesy on occasion. :-)


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