Top Ten Fantasy Books I Recommend the Most!

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There are so many fantasy titles that I absolutely love, but I found that only a few of them have a certain appeal that makes them recommendable to the masses. Whenever I used to hand a book to a customer, I’d always stress about whether they were going to like it as much as I did. I’d always say, “If I see you again, please let me know if you liked it because if you did I can recommend more like it, and if not we can go in a different direction.” More often than not, I would never see that person again and just had to hope that my assessment of their reading tastes was accurate. Over the course of the eleven years I sold books, there were enough repeat customers who came back with positive feedback on these titles I began trusting their recommendability to most people. Now having been a part of the book blogosphere for three years, that opinion has only been reinforced by great reviews from my fellow bloggers. I give you:

Top Ten Fantasy Books I Recommend the Most!

Every once in a while someone will throw me for a loop by saying they totally hated a book from this list, but those people are few and far between. I’m not saying I guarantee you’ll like everything on this list, but if you’re looking for something new to try, I feel like this is a really great place to start. :-)

by Niki Hawkes

14 comments on “Top Ten Fantasy Books I Recommend the Most!

  1. Recommending books is hard. I almost do not do it, because you never know how that person is going to react. The only exception is my husband who shamelesly uses me as book filter. He reads only my 5-star reads and so far I did not miss with him. lol
    Nice recommendations. I didn’t read them all. I loved Hobb and Sanderson. The Name of The Wind is a bit long and boring (for me). I would probably switch Way of Kings with Mistborn triology, but hey I like awesome magic. :)


    • Yes exactly! I also have a hard time handing someone just one book to try. I’m sure I’ve ended up overwhelming a few of them with all the options. My mom uses me as a filter too haha. Although she reads enough that she often returns the favor. I considered Mistborn, and if the list had been top 15, it would have been on there. I think the reason I end up recommending it less is that most people who were interested in fantasy had already read it. I’ve heard that feedback on name of the wind, which I can understand, but it hurts my heart because it was my favorite for a long while. :)


    • Thank you! Assassins apprentice is one of those slow burning fantasies that eventually builds up to something epic and amazing. The Fools Fate was so profound, it’s the reason i wanted to start a book blog – I was blown away and had no one to talk to about it, lol. It is slow, moving (never boring for me), but I think totally worth it!


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