Top Ten Books on My Summer 2015 TBR

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These seasonal TBR TTTs have always been my favorites to compose, as figuring which books to read next is one of my favorite pastimes (nerd-alert). That’s why I started a monthly feature called Tackling the TBR, where I prioritize which authors I most eager to read on a monthly basis. Because I’ve been so good at reading the best books first lately, coming up with titles for this list took a little more effort than normal – a sign that tells me I’m doing a good job reaching my goals. I didn’t include many titles from my most recent Tackling the TBR post because I’m hoping to have most, if not all of them read before the end of the month. Here are the other books I am most excited to read this summer:

Top Ten Books on My Summer 2015 TBR

Rachel Aaron and Rachel Bach are the same person, and I absolutely cannot get enough of her – she’s at the top of my list. I included a couple of ARCs, but most of the others are series continuations that I am eager to read (Jacqueline Carey being at the top of that list).

What awesome books made your list? Do we have any in common?

by Niki Hawkes

4 comments on “Top Ten Books on My Summer 2015 TBR

    • Yay!! I feel like a failure for leaving it unread for so long… I might be the only person in the blogosphere who hasn’t read it yet. Sad haha. REALLY looking forward to it – just in time for Winter. :D


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