Top Ten Most Anticipated Book Releases in Early 2016!

top ten tuesday

Yeah, yeah – I know I missed Tuesday again. 2016 might be the year I dance to my own drum. In any case, here’s a look at the new releases in 2016 that I am just dying to get a hold of:

Top Ten Most Anticipated Book Releases in Early 2016!

With so many good options, how do I pick a favorite? It might come down to the new Mercy Thompson book against the new Selection book… thank goodness I don’t have to buy just one!

What books are you most excited for?

by Niki Hawkes

3 comments on “Top Ten Most Anticipated Book Releases in Early 2016!

  1. So many great looking books! I’m really excited about Starflight, as well. I need to read a Brandon Sanderson book this year. I think I own one of them and have it on my TBR pile somewhere.


    • Me too!! I loved alienated so Starflight is a no-brainer. And I sincerely hope you do pick up a Sanderson and love him as much as I do! The good news is, you can’t really go wrong with him. I’ve read most of his works and they were all fantastic!! :)

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      • That’s very good to know! I couldn’t remember which of his books I have so I went to look and apparently I have two of Sanderson’s novels! It looks like I have Steelheart and Warbreaker. Any recommendations on which one I should go with first?


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