Coming Soon: The Weaver’s Lament by Elizabeth Haydon

the weavers lamentTitle: The Weaver’s Lament

Author: Elizabeth Haydon

Series: Symphony of Ages #9

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date: June 21, 2016

The Overview: For a thousand years, the lands ruled by the Cymrian Alliance have been at peace. When the brutal death of a dear friend catapults the kingdom to the brink of civil war, Rhapsody finds herself in an impossible situation: forced to choose between her beloved husband, Ashe, and her two oldest friends, Grunthor and Achmed. Choosing her husband will mean the death of thousands of innocents. Siding against him will cost Rhapsody the other half of her soul, both in this life and the next. In The Weaver’s Lament, the lines between the past and future are irrevocably blurred, and the strength of true love is tested in unthinkable ways. Bestselling author Elizabeth Haydon has delivered a spectacular conclusion to the Symphony of Ages.

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What’s that, you say? The final Symphony of Ages book is on its way? Well, it’s about time! :-)

I feel like I’ve been reading and rereading this series for half my life, so it’s nice to finally have a conclusion in sight (I was being facetious, but I think I first read Rhapsody when I was 16… I’m 30 now, so I literally HAVE been reading this series for half my life… weird). There certain things about The Symphony of Ages that make it super brilliant and memorable, and others that make it very difficult to recommend with confidence. I have to say, book 8 (The Hollow Queen) was my least favorite of the series so far (too much dialogue and recap, not enough plot advancement, and the resolution of a major conflict that was very anti-climatic). Because of that, I’m a little wary of what the end might bring – hopefully it will be every bit worth the long wait.

What book are you waiting on?

by Niki Hawkes

4 comments on “Coming Soon: The Weaver’s Lament by Elizabeth Haydon

  1. Oh my god, I had no idea this series was still going. Didn’t it end years ago? This is seriously mindblowing — I think I’ve read the first 5. Well, thanks for sharing! Now I know I need to get back to reading these. :p


    • Haha, yeah there was like a 6 year gap between book 6 and 7 (I heard a rumor that the author’s house burned down and it took her a while to get her life back in order??!). At least you weren’t dying for the next ones that were a long time coming lol. I quite like books 6 & 7. :)


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