Top Three Thursday [2]: Series I’m Keen to Start in 2018

Top Three Series I’m Keen to Start in 2018

This is a new feature hosted by Fantasy Buddy Reads over at Goodreads. Blog posts aren’t required to participate, but I thought it would be fun to compose one, anyway. :)

Admittedly, the series I’m most excited to start often changes from week to week, but luckily there have been a few I’ve been eager to get to for several months now:

Malice is the first in the Faithful and the Fallen fantasy series that several friends in my Fantasy Buddy Reads group are seriously losing their shit over. It’s evidently a slow burn, multiple POV series that sounds right up my alley. We have a buddy read for this starting in May.

Burn for Me is the first book in the Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews and it seems to be getting the same amount of positive attention as her Kate Daniels series. As I am now a Kate Daniels super fan, I’m going to trust everybody who says to ignore the super ridiculous & cheesy covers and look forward to diving into more works by these brilliant authors.

Unclean Spirits is the first book of The Black Sun’s Daughter Series by MLN Hanover… A pen name for an author you may recognize as Daniel Abraham or one half of James S. A. Corey. Because I absolutely loved the Long Price Quartet and the Expanse series, respectively, I am hoping this urban fantasy will also knock my socks off. We have a buddy read for this one also starting in May. I can’t wait!

Honorable Mentions (meaning I’ve already started them this year): Unhewn Throne by Brian Staveley & Malazan by Erikson/Esselmont

What series are you looking to start in 2018? :-)

9 comments on “Top Three Thursday [2]: Series I’m Keen to Start in 2018

  1. I got ‘Malice’ as an audiobook and am keen to start it :) Only have to finish my current Harry Dresden & a Seanan McGuire first.

    I got a sample to see if I liked the style and was very happy with it. And also, lots of people love it!

    I tried the Unhewn Throne a couple of years ago but did not like it at all.

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    • Sweet! I also have the audio and admit I’m not a fan of the narrator based on another series I tried to listen to, but no one else seemed to mind him in this, so maybe he’s better.

      Seanan McGuire is an author I’m looking forward to getting to eventually. How are you liking those books? :)

      Aw, man! I loved the first Unhewn Throne book. Like, looooved it. I’m sorry to say haha. We usually feng shui on these types of books lol.

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      • Haha, I was so convinced I’d love the first Unhewn Throne book! It sounded so great! Unfortunately it wasn’t my book at all :(

        I haven’t started McGuire yet, but ‘Every heart a doorway’ will be my first audiobook, I am very hype!

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