4 comments on “through wolf’s eyes

    • I did soooo much research trying to make that the case, but alas it’s not possible on this relatively free platform. I can size each cover manually and add the links, but they never come out uniform or on the same line, and that drives me crazy. I also thought about linking to the reviews below the covers, but the more work I add, the less likely I am to blog. One day, I hope for the day it’s possible lol.


      • Yeah, I’ve given up trying to make multiple pictures look good in a post.
        I do know you can make the link in a picture go to a post instead of the picture but I don’t know how that would affect the lining up of everything.
        Anything seems to throw that off :-(


      • I could probably get them to line up height-wise pretty evenly, but without them in a galley the sporadically jump down to their own rows. It’s one of those ongoing things I’d like to find a solution for. :)


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