Book Review: Living with the Dead by Kelley Armstrong

Title: Living with the Dead

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Series: Women of the Otherworld #9

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Rating: 2/5 stars

The Overview: The men and women of the Otherworld – witches, werewolves, demons, vampires – live unseen among us. Only now a reckless killer has torn down the wall, trapping one very human woman in the supernatural crossfire. Robyn moved to LA after her husband died to try to put some distance between herself and the life they had together. And the challenges of her job as the PR consultant to a Paris Hilton wannabe are pretty distracting. But then her celebutante is gunned down in a night club, and Robyn is suddenly the prime suspect. The two people most determined to clear her are her old friend, the half-demon tabloid reporter Hope Adams, and a homicide detective with an uncanny affinity for the dead Soon Robyn finds herself in the heart of a world she never even knew existed – and which she was safer knowing nothing about . . . -Goodreads

The Review:

The magic of this series has evaporated, but Living with the Dead was still just entertaining enough to keep me reading. If No Humans Involved hadn’t been so dang good (showing me that brilliant nuggets may still be had), I probably would’ve moved on by now. But at this point I’m still holding out, hoping for another strike of brilliance.

When compared to other robust urban fantasies in the genre (and early books in this series), Living with the Dead really doesn’t hold a candle to them. However, matched up to most of the paranormal romance series I’ve tried (from a quality standpoint), it’s a decent read…

… except there’s not really a romance in this one. Which brings me to my next rant.

I wanted there to be at least SOME romance in this book. It’s the main draw to continue at this point and frankly why I got hooked on the series in the first place (my friend referred to it once saying “I want more of that hot werewolf sex.” Which I laughed at but couldn’t argue with). Then to add insult to the lack of any steam, the sexual encounters that DID make an appearance here were fucking weird. Like, uncomfortable to read, and not in a kinky way, but more in a… well ima leave it at that.

Overall, the writing was quality, the characters were good, the storyline was meh, and the romance was nonexistent. It may be a while before I’m motivated to pick up the next one [editor’s note: I wrote this review over two years ago but never got around to publishing it… I still haven’t picked up the next book].

Recommendations: if you like urban fantasy, definitely check out the first two books – amazing! The rest of the series has some merit, with a hit-or-miss ratio at about 50/50. This one was one of my least favorites so far even though I can acknowledge that at a base level it’s a decent read. I think I’m at the point where I’M the one who needs the recommendation on whether or not to finish out the series.

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