Your Pick for Nik! –  where I turn control of my reading list over to you!

Here’s how it works: Every month, I nominate ten titles from my TBR list and YOU, my wonderful followers, get to choose which one gets featured. Voting commences as soon as the books are nominated and continues up to a week before a winner is chosen. Because I often nominate many compelling titles, I encourage you to vote for more than one.

But how to choose? The books you vote for can be:

  • ones you’ve already read and want to discuss
  • one you want to read, but wish to see my feedback on first
  • or – and this is my favorite part – you can read it along with me!

Once a winner has been chosen, I provide a date for when the review will be posted. My YPFN reviews are always more thorough than my regular reviews, as I strive to breakdown multiple elements of the book: story, pacing, world building, characters, and writing, to name a few.

At the end of each Book Club review I will provide a few prompts to (hopefully) stimulate a discussion. I always love to hear your opinions on the books we read, but if you just want to sit back and enjoy the review, that’s okay too. My #1 rule for this book club: no pressure – just have fun!

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