Coming Soon: A Play of Shadow by Julie E Czerneda

a play of shadowTitle: A Play of Shadow

Author: Julie E. Czerneda

Series: Night’s Edge #2

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date: November 4, 2014

The Overview: What would you risk for family? The truthseer who won Jenn Nalynn’s heart, Bannan Larmensu, learns his brother-in-law was sent as a peace envoy to Channen, the capital of the mysterious domain of Mellynne, and has disappeared. When Bannan’s young nephews arrive in Marrowdell during a storm, he fears that his sister, the fiery Lila, has gone in search of her husband, leaving her sons in his care. The law forbids Bannan from leaving Marrowdell and traveling to Mellynne to help his sister. At least, in this world. As a turn-born, Jenn Nalynn has the power to cross into the magical realm of the Verge—and take Bannan with her. Once there, they could find a way into Mellynne, if they survive. The Verge is wild and deadly, alive with strange magic. Dragons roar and kruar wait in ambush, and the powerful turn-born who tend their world do not care for Jenn Nalynn. But Jenn is willing to try. Their friends Wisp and Scourge — and the house toads — offer their help. But what none of them know is that Channen is rife with magic, magic that flows from the Verge itself. And not even a turn-born will be safe there.

a play of shadow 2

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Okay, so I haven’t actually read the first book in this series (A Turn of Light) yet, but I bought it in hardcover and totally plan on picking it up within the next couple of months. Considering that Czerneda is one of my all-time favorites, it is ultimate shame that I haven’t read this one yet. I think part of my hesitance is that I’ve known her as a science fiction author and this will be her first fantasy… Although I can’t imagine it being anything less than amazing. I think honestly I’ve just been waiting for a rainy day to give it a try. It’s a shame I’m not caught up because the first several chapters of A Play of Shadow are on her website for anybody who’s interested. :-)

 What book are you waiting on?

by Niki Hawkes

Coming Soon: A Turn of Light

Mar 5..Title: A Turn of Light

Author: Julie E. Czerneda

Release Date: March 5, 2013

Czerneda is by far my favorite science fiction writer and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that she’s finally got a fantasy novel in the works. Here’s the cool part: she’s making it available to read early on her website!!! Everything written by this woman is golden, so if you haven’t picked her up yet, you are seriously missing out!

Here are some other excellent works from this author:

1.1Web Shifters

They are the last survivors of their race, beings who live on and communicate through energy, who are capable of assuming the shape of any other species. When their youngest member is assigned to a world considered safe to explore, she is captured by the natives. To escape, she must violate the most important rule of her kind, and reveal the existence of her species to a fellow prisoner–a human being. Now her race is in danger of extinction, for even if the human does not betray her, the Enemy who has long searched for her people may finally discover their location….

1.2Species Imperative

Brymn was an archaeologist, and much of his research had focused on a region of space known as the Chasm, a part of the universe that was literally dead, all of its worlds empty of any life-forms, though traces existed of the civilizations that must once have flourished in the region. Brymn had sought out Mac because she was a biologist — a discipline strictly forbidden among his own people — and he felt that through her expertise she might be able to help him discover what had created the Chasm. But Mac had little interest in alien races and in studies that ranged beyond Earth, and as politely as she was capable of, she tried to make it clear that she was unwilling to abandon her own work.

However, the decision was soon taken out of her hands when a mysterious and devastating attack on the Base resulted in the abduction of Emily, and forced Mac to flee for her life with Brymn and the Earth special agents who were escorting him. Suddenly, it appeared that Earth itself might be under attack by the legendary race the Ohryn called the Ro, the beings they thought might be the destructive force behind the Chasm. Cut off from everything and everyone she knew, Mac found herself in grave danger and charged with the responsibility of learning everything she could that might possibly aid Earth in protecting the human race from extinction…
1.4Trade Pact Universe
The tenth anniversary edition of Julie Czerneda’s debut science fiction novel, the story of a woman on the run, from the law, her own people, and an unknown pursuer. Her memory taken from her by a stasis block, Sira must stay free long enough to regain her identity and the full use of her telepathic powers-for failure may cost not only her own future but that of her entire race.
This prequel to The Trade Pact Universe series begins in a time before the Clan had learned how to manipulate the M’hir to travel between worlds. Aliens have begun to explore the world of Cersi, upsetting the delicate balance between the Clan and the two other powerful races who coexist by set rules. And one young woman is on the verge of finding the forbidden secret of the M’hir? a discovery that could prove the salvation or ruin of her entire species.