Your Pick for Nik! (Book Club) – Hounded Update!

Book #1

Book #1

Now that we’re a couple of weeks into March, I thought I’d take time to give some early feedback on this month’s book. In case you missed it, our selection was Hounded by Kevin Hearn, an urban fantasy about a Druid hiding out from ancient enemies in Tempe, Arizona. 

I’m not very far along yet, maybe 75 pages or so, but it’s shaping up to be an excellent read! Don’t believe me? Just skim through the first page or two, and you’ll have a good inkling as to why I’m enjoying it so much. Hearne has a cheeky voice, but doesn’t overdo it to the point where the writing sounds cheesy. Right now it is definitely exceeding my expectations!


  • World-building: Hearne brings in a lot of celtic lore, but does so in a way that’s fun to read. The magic system also intrigues me… I think it might be my favorite element of the story so far.
  • Characters: I know who I’m rooting for and against right away, and there’s a good sidekick to boot!
  • Originality: a Druid as a main character for an urban fantasy isn’t very common…
  • Voice: I like the tone he sets early – it makes the main character incredibly likable.
  • Pacing: Good, but it’s still too early to tell.


  • Writing: at this point, I am enjoying the voice but there was one incredibly blatant info dump which could’ve been  incorporated a little more smoothly with some drop-in back history.
  • Romance: I realize it’s a bit early to tell for sure, but right now it looks like there’s going to be an abundance of sex (non-graphic), and little in the romance department. I realize there’s a time and a place for everything, but I think a love interest would add to the suspense of the entire novel (if done in a subtle way); raising the stakes, and all. Personal preference.

Anybody else started it yet? Thoughts?

There are going to be 9 Iron Druid novels total, and here’s a look at what’s available so far:

For tidbits about the series, check out Hearne’s website ( It’s pretty interesting.

For those of you new to the book club, Your Pick for Nik! is a monthly feature where I turn over control of my reading list to you!

Here’s how it works: I nominate titles from my TBR list and YOU choose which one gets featured. It can be one you’ve already read and want to discuss, one you want to read but wish to see my feedback on first, or – and this is my favorite part – you can read it along with me! A review and discussion for Hounded will take place March 29th, so there’s still plenty of time to pick it up if you want to join in!

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