Dragon Obsession – The Visual Files


Ciruelo Dragon Art

Taken from this Ciruelo print has always been one of my favorites. I love the blend of colors for the sky and the rock and I love the little castle in the distant. My favorite element (obviously) is the dragon, particularly the obsidian scales and the pointed shape of  its head. Ciruelo has some of the best life-like dragon paintings out there, so I knew my Dragon Obsession list wouldn’t be complete  without at least one of his prints.

For a great compilation of his paintings, check out:

a1Title: The Book of Dragons

Author: Ciruelo

Overview: They lurk in the most hidden corners of the world: the powerful and beautiful creatures known as dragons. We know them as the terrifying beasts of fairy tales, but their own story has remained a mystery–until now. Ciruelo, an illustrator of astounding skill, delves into their secret universe, revealing a rich and fascinating culture filled with poetry, magic, enchantment, and knowledge. Each of these wondrous creatures has its own unique personality and history, and it’s captured dramatically on these spectacular pages. But the revelations go beyond the images, as we gain insight into their psychological characteristics; encounter many different types (Earth Dragons, Water Dragons, Fire Dragons, and the legendary Golden Dragon); learn about their long-held customs; and explore the many legends in which they have figured so prominently–including the heroic tales of Perseus, Hercules, and Tristan.

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