Stacking the Shelves – August Edition!


Let’s face it, I’m no longer at the point my life where I can just blow all my money on books (these days, I have to settle for half). Therefore, I only compile a Stacking the Shelves (hosted by Tynga’s Reviews) once a month rather than weekly. In July’s STS, I featured my adult library, this week figured I’d share my YA shelves:


I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve thinned out this collection to make room for new titles, but I think I finally reach the point where I can’t bear to get rid of anything else. The problem is, I’m completely out of room! I might have to try and convince my husband to sell the bed so we can fit more bookshelves. After all, our couch is pretty comfortable…

So now that you’ve seen the shelves I’m stacking, here’s a look at my new acquisitions this month:



 As you can see, I was on a bit of a science fiction kick this month. I originally purchased Leviathan Wakes as an e-book but liked it so much I decided to invest in the hardcopies. The Jack Campbell books were actually for my husband’s birthday, but I’m sure I will be reading them one day.



 (Thank you Scholastic Books!)

(Thank you Net Galley!)

 What books stacked your shelves this month? 

by Niki Hawkes

16 comments on “Stacking the Shelves – August Edition!

  1. I’m on a sci fi kick recently too! I went to Waterstones yesterday and noticed that they didn’t have much sci fi on offer for buy one get one half price. When I mentioned that to a sales guy he said that in August they sell more beach reads. :/

    Anyway, I ended up buying Redshirts, Shift and 2312. You’ll have to let me know how the James Corey books are as I thought those looked really tempting.

    Also, I love your bookshelves!


    • Yay! A kindred spirit. :-) I hadn’t heard of the books you mentioned so I research them on good reads and ended up adding a couple to my to-read list – so thank you for putting them on my radar (I’d much rather a good sci-fi right now than a beach read, LOL)! I am almost done with the first James Corey book and it’s and easy 5/5 stars. I had to stop reading it right before bed because it was so intense I couldn’t sleep after reading it. :-) Thank you for stopping by and thank you for complementing my shelves!


      • 2312 and Redshirts – they looked like books I would love, especially after reading Corey. I look forward to seeing what you think of them as well. I really like your taste in books. :-)


      • Oh cool! Well, I just finished Redshirts (which I loved!) and have written my blog post for it which will be out on Wednesday. I like your taste in books too. I look forward to our bloggy friendship and expanding my ever-growing tbr list! :D


      • Oh that’s great – I’m glad to hear you liked it! I will be sure to check out the full review on Wednesday. I also look forward to hearing about some great titles from you, too! :-)


    • Thank you – the flower background is my favorite image and I’ve got it plastered over everything blog-related. I have actually already read All Our Yesterday’s, and it was one of my favorites this year so far – go figure, ha ha. It always amazes me how a book can have such different effect on people. Thank you for stopping by!


  2. Oh my goodness! Look at all those books! I am VERY jealous! I ran into financial problems a while back and sold every book I owned to pay bills. Now I am slowly rebuilding. I have filled 3 shelves now but I am loving your space! Sleeping on the couch to make room for more books is beyond hilarious!!!


    • Oh no! I wish you all the luck in me building your library – I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been! I hope eventually you will have so many you have to consider their owing out furniture to make room for them.;)


  3. I am so jealous of your shelves right now, I wish I had that many shelves! They look awesome too. I hear All Our Yesterdays is a great read, can’t wait for your review on it! :)


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