Dystopian Reading Challenge 2013 – The October Edition!


Hosted by Blog of Erised (one of my favorite blogs), this feature challenges readers to pick up twenty-four dystopians over the course of one year. I don’t know how I’m only just finding out about this now, as I would’ve loved to participate from the beginning. Although, I haven’t missed out entirely because, as a self-proclaimed dystopian addict, I have been sort of participating all year. Here is a look at all the dystopian I’ve read (and reviewed) this month:

 Inhuman – 4/5 stars

False Memory – 3/5 stars

Allegiant – 4.5/5 stars

 Add that to the 16 books I’ve read over the year and we end up with:

The Official Tally:


 Level 4: Leader!


  What I love about this challenge is that it’s basically a celebration of the awesome dystopian books I would’ve been reading anyway (and it allows me to connect with other dystopian-addicts who are just as fanatical as I am).

 What dystopians have you read this year?

5 comments on “Dystopian Reading Challenge 2013 – The October Edition!

  1. This year my feature on dystopian-based literature is near non-existent. Although, I can say that I am really enjoying the ‘Numbers’ series by Rachel Ward. I did the Mockingjay series as well, just to have a leg-up on the movie vs. book reviews.
    – Krys


    • I’ve been eyeing the Ward series for a couple of months now, so I am glad to hear it’s a good read. My reading has never before been so skewed in one direction – I imagine I’ll get sick of it eventually, but no time soon. :)


      • haha
        The Numbers series is a sense of the way it’s written. Jumping between character POVs.
        I’ve been constantly urged to read the Divergent series, which is so unbearably popular in my library right now.
        That and another series by Michael Grant.


      • Despite the negative reviews I’ve read for books 2 and 3, I enjoyed the Divergent series thoroughly. I am also hoping to pick up a Michael Grant because I recently found out he is married to K. A. Applegate who first sparked my love of reading with her Anamorphs series… I know they’re probably totally different, but I can’t help but putting on the pedestal anyway LOL. You’ll probably get to them before I do, so I look forward to reading your thoughts on it.


      • Aw thanks!! I definitely have easier access to all three of these authors. So, we’ll see what happens.


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