Top Ten Gateway Books of My Reading Journey!

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I was really excited for this week’s TTT because it allows me to pay homage to the books that sparked my love of speculative fiction (and reading in general)! Each of these titles introduced me to their relative genres, and to this day, many of them remain my #1 in those categories.

The Top Ten Gateway Books of My Reading Journey!

And the book that started it all:


 Many of these have a special place in my heart because I would not be the reader I am today without them.

What book sparked your love of reading?

by Niki Hawkes

13 comments on “Top Ten Gateway Books of My Reading Journey!

  1. Great list!! I love how unique it is formatted very easy to read :) Beautiful Disaster is one of my all time favourite books for the New Adult genre! New visitor :) Happy reading!


    • Thank you! I hope you know you just made my day – the format took me FOREVER to put together and I am immensely proud of it, haha. I really loved Beautiful Disaster too and still consider it the best one (although I’ll admit I’m still new to that category and haven’t done too much exploring yet). Thank you for stopping by. :)


      • Aww! Well I am glad I could make your day but the post is superb I loved reading it! And YES I agree I’ve read a bunch of New Adult novels and it still a “go too” novel when I want to re-read a really wonderful romance! The one from Travis’ point of view “Walking Disaster” is ALSO fabulous and almost a bit better than Beautiful Disaster! I definitely suggest reading it if you havent :D


  2. Uglies & Beautiful Disaster were definetly two books that I couldn’t get out of my head for days. I loved those books with every fiber of my being. I remember being obsessed with them.
    Great choices!
    Lily @ lilysbookblog


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